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  • Full access to stock scan that is customizable by price, volume, sector, chart pattern, etc. The scan includes price targets and time it will take to hit price target (you can set personal scans where results will automatically be emailed to you each day).
  • Educational tutorials are included on the pattern that has formed, and many other important characteristics.
  • The stock scanner has automated Technical Analysis for over 16,000 instruments, including equities, indices and currencies.
  • You may set up to 25 personalized scans for new stock recommendations (long, short), long term or short term as well as a scans to update you on bullish/bearish happenings in stocks you currently own. These updates include short term patterns, long term patterns, indicators (moving averages), and oscillators (macd and rsi). The 25 personalized scans will take place at the end of the day and will be sent to you in one email with all of the results.
  • You can search for classic patterns (head and shoulders, triangles, double tops and bottoms, etc.) and candlestick patterns (engulfing lines, doji's, hammers, etc.)
  • Stock scan currently provides coverage for the following exchanges. Note that not all exchanges may be available to all investors due to client specific implementations.

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Technical analysis

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