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My name is John Lansing, and I target “sudden profits” at my Trending123 trading service – that is, I use technical analysis to find stocks I can get in and out of quickly for a continual stream of winning trades that all combine to build your wealth relentlessly over time.

I’m a passionate believer in technical analysis – after all, I went from nothing to rich, by trading stocks on technical signals.

Let me show you how. I’d like to share my “trade secrets” with you absolutely FREE in my new online seminar, Patterns for Profits: Putting Technical Analysis to Work for You.

What’s more, the online seminar is coupled with a comprehensive written report, 3 Easy Steps to Trading Stocks for Sudden Profits – a powerful one-two punch that gives you an immediate advantage over most investors.

View this seminar at your own convenience – it’s ready anytime you are. And read your companion report at your leisure..........Seminar

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Closed Positions for 2007

View this seminar at your own convenience – it’s ready anytime you are. And read your companion report at your leisure..........Seminar

Stock Positions

SP500-Emini-Update For anyone who was long stocks, the dramatic sell-off that began Tuesday must have come as a shock. There were lots of hints that the market was near a top, but the size and speed of the correction took many investors by surprise. The likelihood of continuing volatility will only increase anxiety in the coming weeks.

Trading-SP500-Emini-Futures Last week we had a quadruple witching option expiration week. Both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 posted their lowest weekly closes since the week of November 13, 2006.  While the long-term uptrend remains bullish, the medium- term has been threatened by the current price moves. The S&P 500 cash had 97.50 points down, only bounced up 46 points, and still couldn’t close above its breakeven point at 1412.77. This indicates we may see more downside movement in coming weeks.

Emini-Trading-SP500-With-Nat After last Wednesday’s rally all three major markets went sideways for the next two days. On the positive side, all three markets did hold their gain in to the end of the week. However the volume didn’t follow through in the final two days. All three are short–term overbought and trading in daily resistance zones.

What is buying Pressure?
Buying Pressure = This is a simple definition. Buying pressure can basically be defined as increasingly higher and higher demand for a particular stock's shares. This demand for shares exceeds the supply and naturally causes the price to rise. Buying pressure can be seen as higher highs in price and higher lows in price as a stock trends upwards and gains bullish momentum. Buying pressure can also be seen in the stocks strength as it reaches major support levels and resistance levels. Buying pressure can come into a stock at support levels which prevents any further decline. As traders say "what fails to breakdown goes up" and eventually breaks out. The strength or weakness of a stock determines how much buying or selling interest will be required to break support and resistance areas. In addition, when there is increasing volume traded at any level, the stronger the support and resistance levels will be. This is also a sign of buying pressure coming in to a stock. You can see buying pressure come into a stock when it starts to close near the Highs of Day (HOD) for a consecutive number of days (typically 3 days). This indicates that the "Bulls are driving up the price." If the overall market conditions remain favorable, a stock with confirmed consecutive closes near the High of Day will be viewed as bullish and will be an excellent potential long. Increasing volume is typically triggered by institutional buying. This can be seen in large block trades of lets say 50,000 shares or higher or many small block trades. In addition, the technical indicators will also confirm buying pressure with positive divergence and a move up along with price. Buying pressure can also come into a stock when it is heavily shorted. When there are too many shorts in a specific stock it can cause a stock to reverse upwards or to continue to rally upwards as stop losses on short positions are triggered by relatively light buying pressure. Finally increased market volatility can also add fuel to the fire when it comes to buying pressure.

In terms of using technical indicators you must first learn to recognize that there are two types of market environments. These environments are range bound markets and trending markets. When you know what type of market condition your stocks are in then you can use the appropriate technical indicators and oscillators for that type of trading environment. Just as there are two types of market environments there are also two basic types of technical indicators. These are oscillators and indicators. Oscillators signal potential reversal points and buying pressure. Oscillators, such as stochastics, are great to use during range bound market environments. Indicators in contrast, spot continuation trends and flag increasing momentum which also points out buying pressure. Indicators, such as MACD and ADX/DMI, are best used during trending environments. A stock is bullish and trending upwards when it is breaking out above previous highs or breaking down below previous lows. This trend can be seen in the price and the MACD and ADX/DMI.

Remember, Trade Talk Weekly is absolutely free. You pay nothing to sign up or maintain your Trade Talk Weekly subscription, no credit card information is required, and you can cancel at any time. So don't waste any more time starting at the charts wondering what to dosign up now.

A New Development Takes Shape07/24/07
Some people make New Year’s resolutions…this year I made New Year’s predictions.  Back in January, I told my Trending123 subscribers that 2007 going into 2008 would be the “Year of the Chip.”  You see, chips run in four-year cycles.  And looking back, we’ve had major cycles in chips in 1999 and 2003.  So for all you mathletes out there: what’s 2003 plus 4?

A Dream Come True07/17/07
Young children dream of getting ponies, bikes and video games.  Teenagers dream about that shiny red convertible with a bow around it waiting for them in the driveway upon their 16th birthday.  What about us?  What do we dream of?

You may have heard the phrase, “Keep it simple, stupid.”  Well the acronym for it is K.I.S.S. and all it means is that the best way to go about something is to keep it in its simplest form.  With my sudden reentrance into the market — all of you were notified about several stocks in last week’s Trade Talk Weekly — comes inevitable questions about what I am saying/predicting for the market.

Ready, Set, BUY!07/03/07
And…we’re off and running folks! If you’ve been hiding in a cave, convinced that I was never again going to recommend another stock — it is now safe to come on out!  Not only do I want you to buy one stock now (read on for specific details) but I also have 4 stocks on deck that I am super-excited about and will likely be ones I recommend buying this week!

Look Out Below06/26/07
Any daredevils out there?  Enjoy jumping out of planes or going bungee jumping in your spare time?  Well then, my daring friends, this will be a week for you!  I’m expecting this week to be the most volatile week we have seen year to date.

Market Checkup06/19/07
I’ve told you before, and I’m going to tell you again: the market may look like a happy, healthy person in their prime but that’s all an illusion.  Take the market for a full physical — scan it through the MRI machine — and you’ll see it breaking down.

Reboot Your System06/12/07
You may be thinking that due to this little “vacation” from stocks we’ve been taking at Trending123, you can exist on auto-pilot.  Well I don’t recommend it.  When you aren’t trading stocks, you should actively be trying to better yourself as an investor.  That way when it comes time to buy stocks, you are amply prepared and confident in your trades.

Risky Business06/05/07
Until now we have floated merrily along through a pretty placid market.  There have been minor fluctuations here and there but nothing truly significant.  But as summertime approaches and hurricane season gets closer, you can expect volatility to shoot up.  It is during this news-driven time that people’s fears will spike and our opportunities to profit will increase as well.  You see, any volatile downtrend that approaches gives us opportunities to invest — in the RIGHT stocks.

Do you see what I see?05/29/07
It has now been a month since I directed my traders out of the market.  But we’re not in hiding.  We’re not following the crowd that lives by the mantra “Sell in May and go away.”  We’re smarter than that.  And you are too.

Take it or Leave it05/22/07
If Ed McMahon came a knockin’ on your door to deliver a big ole check with your name on it for a million dollars, my guess is you’d take it.  Granted a million dollars isn’t what it used to be but I’m still betting you’d willingly oblige!  If only all decisions came that easily, right?

A fever is spreading across Wall Street.  A fever that is causing false hope in its victims.  You may, in fact, be one of them.  But don’t blame yourself for believing in the market façade.  It’s perfectly natural to want to see the best.  After all, it is springtime.  Flowers are blooming, birds are a chirpin’ and the warm sun is a shinin’.
Now I hate to be the storm cloud blocking your sunny disposition here, but everything isn’t as lovely as they’d have you believe.

The Rules of the Game05/08/07
What if investing in the stock market was a game?  Well, for one, it would be a lot less anxiety-inducing if we were given paper money!  But then the joy of winning would be short-lived and all we’d have to show for it would be colored paper money.  Luckily for us, the market is like a big game with REAL money.  Cause let’s face the music — at the end of the day we are all in it for the money.  And that’s it.

May Day, May Day05/01/07
The way the alarm bells sounded after I sent my alert last Friday, April 27, you’d think it was the biggest calamity since hanging chads drove this country bonkers!

Snap Out of It Sheeple™!04/24/07
Have you found yourself slumped over lately, robotically moseying along and occasionally letting out a faint “Baaaahh”?  If so, you might be a member of the growing number of Sheeple™ infiltrating the marketplace.

Don’t Sweat the Good Stuff04/17/07
Yes, we are in a highly volatile place right now in the market.  Chart after chart is showing the RST/Nut Hut pattern.  Heck, I don’t call it the “Nut Hut” for no reason!  This pattern comes with some serious psychological highs and lows.  It is bound to drive most people batty now and again.  So, yes, if you are one of them, you can relax (somewhat) as you realize that these feelings are completely normal.

The Big Picture04/10/07
It was a wacky, crazy day for Trending123 folks. At least it seemed that way to me after spending time in our trading room. I'm in there all the time and one of the things I like most about hanging out with my subscribers each day, is being able to get an instant, accurate temperature on market participants and what they are feeling.

When the market is a rockin’…04/03/07
Man, the market was flying today! I love days like this — just about every stock we’ve got in the Trending123 portfolio was on the move. And after a couple of weeks of listening to me go on and on about buying pressure, my subscribers finally got to see the bullish momentum I’ve been talking about really start to break through.

March Madness?03/27/07
I don’t want to scare you but I have thirty stocks…yes, that’s 3-0…that I want to tell you about. But I’m not going to tell you about them all right now because frankly, I don’t want to drown you in new stock picks.

I Will Go My Own Way03/20/07
The stocks in the chip sectors that are down the least from the 52-week highs are the ones with the most potential to make you money. This is always the case—it is much more significant to judge a stock by how much they are down from the highs because this is where the money is going to flow.

Who’s Running This Show Anyway?03/13/07
Unleaded gasoline has been rallying upwards continuously over several weeks now. This is just unprecedented behavior. And the question I keep asking myself is why. Why now? Why is unleaded gasoline at such highs? It’s not like hurricane season is a-comin’! There’s no news at all that would explain these kinds of highs.

Beware the Iceberg03/06/07
There are certain factors that are setting an historical precedence in the market right now. Whether those indicate a big rally in our near future I can't begin to predict. But as I've said previously, this market is looking an awful lot like the late 90s when we took some big hits but it eventually led to a big payoff.

Go for the Gold!02/27/07
Please repeat after me: “So the market plunged. Who cares?” Yes, I know the Dow, NASDAQ and S&P 500 were each down over 3% today. And I know that I probably sound like a broken record, but with technical analysis, it really doesn’t matter what the market does. My Trending123 subscribers and I aren't sweating it, because we knew a correction was coming. Plus, our stocks held up fine today. In fact, we’re getting ready to do some bargain shopping, so watch this space for some hot new stocks next week. And now back to your regularly scheduled Trade Talk Weekly…

Party Like It’s (Almost) 199902/20/07
Ah, 1998…the year when Apple unveiled the iMac, when the Lewinsky scandal was in full swing, when Google was just a new company and not yet a verb. Why am I suddenly sentimental for 1998?  Because something just happened in the markets that hasn’t happened since then.  And it could be big.  Again.

Take a Stance02/13/07
Hello everyone out there in cyber land! I hope everyone’s having a good day. We’re going through some choppy waters this week—namely the market reaction to the G7 meeting from this past weekend, Bernanke’s semi-annual testimony to Congress, and end-of-the-week housing, retail sales and manufacturing data—none of it should rock you to the point of flipping over so just hold on tight and you’ll be fine!

The Disconnect02/06/07
Good day to everyone!  First things first, your eyes are not deceiving you — this email newsletter has changed its name from Hot Stocks Update to Trade Talk Weekly.  (Wouldn’t it have been cool to have a trumpet sound effect upon opening the email??)  But don’t for one second think that you’re not still going to get names of the latest and greatest hot stocks from yours truly.  Nope—they’ll still be the top priority on my list.

Hot Stocks Update - QCOM01/16/07
Last time around I told you how I’m not a news junkie and that I don’t depend on the news to tell me what actions I will or won’t take in the market.  Call me a free-thinker, if you must.  But I’m adamant on this point.

Hot Stocks - Year End Update01/04/07
Are you a news junkie?  I suppose most investors would be considering all the hits—both bad and good—Wall Street takes when breaking news comes across the air (and web) waves!  I have to tell you though, I’m not.  Because well, I can just imagine how high my blood pressure would be if I started worrying what each new day would bring.

The Holy Grail of Investing12/19/06
Good afternoon!  I have a special treat for you today.  No, sorry it’s not edible.  And it requires you to pay full attention.  But when you are done, you’ll come out of it knowing all about The Holy Grail of Investing.  Imagine how many folks can claim that!

The Final 5 Blunders12/14/06
So the Fed statement has come and gone without much to do.  After all, it came as no real surprise when the Fed chose to stand pat, leaving the fed funds rate at 5.25%.  There were some investors feeling a bit cautious, which explained our go-nowhere market yesterday.

The Top 10 Blunders12/05/06
Good afternoon!  In less than a month 2006 will be part of history.  Filled with memories, record-breaking numbers and anecdotes to be told to your grandchildren.

Sit There and Wait11/28/06
Good afternoon!  I hope by now you feel well-rested after the holiday weekend. I suppose it depends on whether you were one of the many who partook in the annual “running of the shoppers” over the Black Friday weekend — the traditional kick-off to the holiday shopping season.

Turn Down the Noise11/22/06
Good Afternoon!  Just one glance at the market’s light volume and you can tell that everyone is currently on the road, waiting in line at the airport or simply resting up for the great feast ahead!

Trading Our Plan Video Update - 3/30/07 - Encouragement to follow the Trading Plan! In this update I want to encourage everyone to adhere to the trading plan. I suggest stocks at specific entries and exits for a reason. That is because I want you to make money! Following the trading plan will teach you how to make consistent profits. I will force you to make money! Strict adherence to a Trading Plan is an important and vital aspect of a profitable trading plans. Studies have shown that consistently and highly successful traders have a trading plan in place that gives them an edge in the market. So should you! This reason I am encouraging everyone to stick to their trading plan especially now, is because the RST pattern is out to get you! It is much too easy in this volatile market to throw your trading plan right out the window. This is because the Nasdaq 100 is in the chaotic RST pattern. It is the nature of this pattern to trick and cheat us out of making profitable trades. Don't let that RST cheat you out of massive gains! Don't do it! Just remember that the RST is working the way it is supposed to on sharp down days. Bull markets try to throw as many people off of the Money Train as they can. Don't let it be you! Today was a volatile day. Today NQ futures dipped to the uptrend line, but it is still trading in the bullish uptrending channel. I also want to remind you to stick to the trading plan on CEGE. I am not changing price target on CEGE because the plan is to hold CEGE until price target, which is in the $6.00's That is the plan, and that is what the chart is saying! Remember successful traders adhere to their plans! We are in great stocks! Stick to and trade your plan!

Ride The Bull Trade The Bear Video Update - 3/26/07 - In Bullish Markets, Traders Ride The Bull! They Buy and Hold until Profit Targets! If you thought today was a crazy day in the market, you are not alone! The Market was just nuts today! This is because both the Nasdaq and NQ futures are in the crazy RST pattern (Reverse symmetrical Triangle pattern.) I like to call the RST the Nut Hut pattern. This is because it makes traders and markets volatile act crazy. The RST pattern is characterized by big up days followed by big down days. This surge in volatility creates chaos in the broader markets. This consequently affects the minds of traders and investors alike. They don't know what to do! Traders are so confused they end up buying the highs and selling the lows! This is because this is because the RST pattern defies logic. Everything that you think you know about trading the market will not apply to this pattern. It is impossible to trade this pattern. That is why I am here to guide you and help you find the right stocks to trade. The best way to trade this type of market environment is to identify and buy the stocks that trade independently of the market indexes and that look to explode to the upside. CEGE is a good example, it trades independently of the market. CEGE is up 31% after hours today! That is why I have been so focused on commodity stocks. The entire Commodity Sector is hot hot hot! These sectors are hot: Oils, Oil and Gas Services, Oil well services and base metals, Iron and steel, precious metals, and basic materials are where the big money is flowing right now. Advancing issues our outpacing declining issues in the broader market. The market is BULLISH! So hold on to your positions! Buy your stocks on down days and don't chase stocks on up days! In Bullish Markets you ride the Bull and hold on to your stocks like you are on that bucking bronco until the bell rings for you to get off and take profits. Ka Ching!

Portfolio Stock Review Video Update - 3/29/07 Portfolio Noon Update and Review Today the Dow Jones is doing the best, followed by the S&P 500 and then the Nasdaq 100. Today we gapped up big! It is good to be long and strong in this market. If you are already in a bunch of stocks you are a happy camper. High beta stocks and energy stocks are moving on up In this update I want to do a quick review of some of our portfolio stocks. A specific set of stocks are being heavily accumulated by institutions. This is causing them to break out and or make new 2007 highs. The following stocks have been flagged by heavy accumulation and consistent upwards buying pressure: SU, ADM, CEGE, and GROW. The following stocks are bull flagging: ID, EOG, GSS, MVIS, WFT, ISRG, AL, CENX, SJR, & PSYS. NCX is a chemical stock and is currently in a longer pull back channel. Remember NCX is an investor trade, so be patient with it. If you are new, or are already in existing portfolio stocks, always make sure to check the trading time frame assigned to each stock in the portfolio table. This can be found on the member's homepage, but you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page. I assign a specific trading time frame for each stock based on what the chart's cumulative technical analysis is telling me. I define the trading time frame as follows: short term trade, swing trade, investor trade. All commodity related stocks continue to shine and outperform the broader market. Our stocks continue to move higher and higher. Some of our stocks are moving faster than others, (not every stock is like GROW) but they are moving on up nonetheless. Tomorrow, is the last day of the month. Which way is the market going to go? We don't know. Since we are in stocks that trade independently of the indexes, and on their own merits, end of month window dressing or smashing won't affect us.

Rally Thursday Stocks March 2007 Pre-Market Update -Time to Rally Thursday
Good Morning Trending 123er's! This is your pre-market update. The European and Asian markets rallied strongly overnight. The CAC, DAX, FTSE, HANGSENG etc.. are in rally mode. It appears that the US markets will follow suit today. Investors around the world have chosen to ignore what the Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, said yesterday and have decided to have a rally Thursday instead. I want to alert you to the fact that there is a lot of bullish Merger and Acquisition activity going on in the US markets which is helping the market rally along. Furthermore, the following portfolio stocks look juicy today and are set to rise today: APA, CENX, CRS, GROW,GSS, MVIS, NETL. These look to be the best plays for today because all the major indices have gone into a bullish trend reversal. What is unique about the NQ futures chart is this. We typically rally up and go bullish, let's say after a massive rally, we will then have a counter trend pullback. What happened this time, which is I why don't wave 3 is in yet, is that we rallied up and had our counter trend pullback and then went bullish. This means that overbought levels have already subsided. NQ futures are currently bull flagging and are indicating a market melt up for today. This is forget about the Fed Wednesday, because it is Time to Rally Thursday instead.

All Major Index Charts Go Bullish Video Update - 3/28/07 Closing Bell Update and Review Good Afternoon Trending 123er's! In after hours trading Crude Oil is surging, and it is up $5.00. In this update I want to cover portfolio stocks that are becoming increasingly bullish. The first chart that I want to cover is SU. The runaway gaps that you see on the chart of SU is indicative on increased buying pressure. You can also see this momentum build up in the bullish positive divergence in the MACD. SU is my number 1 oil play. I am reiterating again here that SU is looking really good. The buying pressure just keeps building and the price keeps going higher. If you have the time, I would really like you to review previous updates. Now, as you know, I have also been updating stocks on telecharts. In the telecharts updates I have been sorting stocks by "moneyStream", and "one week surge in money flow" to alert us to which portfolio stocks are getting ready to explode to the upside with increased buying momentum. Some of the stocks experiencing buying pressure this week are EOG, GROW, CEGE and GSS. Another stock that I want to discuss is NETL, because it too is experiencing buying pressure. NETL has recently been rallying up. Today, however, it gapped down to the $26's. What happened then? Well, massive volume came at the lows today in order to support the stock. This type of action is indicative of increased interest in the stock, because this means that people are eying NETL at support levels and are pouncing on it to buy at support levels. This watching and waiting to buy in is indicative of increased interest in the stock. Are you going to be a pouncer or panicker? Please review updates!

15 Portfolio Stock Updates Video Update - 3/27/07 - Pre-Market Update - ID, DAKT, MVIS, ANDE, PRKR, CENX, CRS, AL, LYO, PSYS, NETL, ASFI, APA, PDC, SJR, GSS, EOG Good Morning, this is the pre-market update. In this update will discuss how buying pressure and sector performance/ outperformance determine which stocks I select as good buy candidates for the portfolio. The first stock that I want to look at today is ID. If you look at the 2 charts of ID you will see the chart of the stock ID above and the sector chart below it. I will present all the stocks like this today. You can see that ID is on the verge of breaking out and is outperforming it's sector chart below. This illustrates that ID is outperforming it's sector. In contrast, DAKT is under performing it's sector. MVIS is currently at resistance near $4.00. Once that resistance is taken out, MVIS will explode upwards. MVIS is outperforming it's sector. I am very happy with ANDE's performance. It has taken out resistance at $43.00 and buying pressure is coming into the stock now that resistance has been cleared. PRKR, we are not in this stock yet, but I am watching it. I like the way it is looking because it is outperforming it's sector by leaps and bounds. I am waiting for a wave 4 correction to get into PRKR because of this sector outperformance. CENX, CRS and AL are following their sector charts and buying pressure is coming into each stock. What is great about LYO? Everything! LYO is currently in a slim jim and it is getting ready to break out on bullish divergence. Chemicals are hot hot hot! PSYS is in the healthcare services sector. PSYS is bull flagging as is the sector chart. NETL is outperforming it's sector, and buying pressure is building in it. I am still waiting on a pullback to get in. The same holds true for ASFI. APA has broken the down trend line and it is going up on bullish divergence in the MACD and buying pressure is coming in to the stock. PDC is on the verge of a missive breakout, it is going up on bullish divergence in the MACD and buying pressure is coming in to the stock. SJR is in a slim jim and it is bullish. GSS was a good day to buy the dip. EOG is ready to breakout and it looks very bullish. Commodities are hot hot hot! Go SU!

Hedge Funds Blowing Up Video Update - 3/27/07 - Closing Bell Update - OIH and Commodities Flying in After Hours The market is currently closed. However, I want to alert you to the fact that commodities are flying up in after hours trading. The OIH is currently at $149.00, Crude Oil is currently trading above $68.00 a barrel, Natural Gas has jumped up over 4%, and the XRB is up 446 ticks and is trading at new 2007 highs. This surge in commodity prices is most likely causing some hedge fund to blow up. Crude Oil went from $63.00 at the close up to as high as $68.00. This is indicative a short squeeze! The commodities are just flying we should have a good day tomorrow.

NASDAQ 100 NQ Futures Flag Video Update - 3/27/07 - Closing Bell Update - NQ Futures NQ Futures remain in the continuation RST pattern. You can see that the MACD is oversold and bottoming and that NQ is now getting ready to resume it's bullish 5th wave uptrend towards 1900. Confounded RST! NQ futures also continue to trade in the bullish uptrending channel since wave E was placed. NQ futures chart illustrates that it is currently completing a sub wave 3 to wave 4 pull back to the uptrend line of the channel which is creating a bull flag pattern. The broader market indexes are following NQ.Commodities are still the hot sector to be in right now.

Market MidDay Update Video Update - 3/26/07 - Mid Day Market Update Good morning. NQ futures still remain in the RST and continues to trade in the bullish uptrending channel. ( However, it is a sloppy channel.) It is very difficult to trade this type of chaotic pattern. That is why I prefer to trade stocks rather than indexes. Indexes are just too difficult to trade. I like to trade what is easy. I prefer to trade stocks that are trading independently of the broader market and that are trading on their own patterns and merits. NQ futures just had the biggest rally in 4 years so it is currently in a pullback to the uptrend channel. In addition, Crude Oil is at new 2007 highs and so is the XRB. Our stocks are doing well and are all up. Nothing has changed and NQ continues to zig zag up the channel.

Setting Up Stock Platforms Video Update - 3/26/07 - Setting Up Stock Trading Platforms In this update I will instruct you on how to set up your trading platform in a manner that will assist you in watching the market.

Portfolio Stocks Buying Pressure Video Update - 3/25/07 - Stocks experiencing Excessive Buying Pressure In this update I want to review and discuss some existing portfolio stocks that I am the most excited about right now and going forward. In this update I will review the following portfolio stocks: ADM, APA, PSYS, OVTI, PDC, EOG. One thing that you may have noticed is that energy stocks and commodity stocks have been on fire this month! In fact, energy stocks were the best performers this past week. Before I review our portfolio stocks I want to discuss buying pressure and what it means to our stocks. In fact, I want you to be aware that our portfolio stocks have outperformed the broader market indexes this year by leaps and bounds. They even held up remarkably well during the recent market pullback. If you ask me that is some "darn good stock market picking."!

Sector Money Flow --Weekend Video Update 3/25/07 In this Update I want to review and discuss the sectors that are the strongest and that are outperforming the broader market indexes. The following sectors are experiencing buying pressure/ money flow, momentum and strength: All Commodities & Utilities which are interest rate sensitive sectors. Steel Producers, Oil / Energy,Natural Gas, Gasoline, Precious Metals, Overseas markets and Emerging markets are also strong and resuming their bullish momentum. This is where the fast money is flowing!

RST NASDAQ 100 Futures Weekend Video Update 3/25/07 - NQ 100 Futures on the Daily is in Reverse Symmetrical Triangle This Update will cover the Nasdaq 100 futures. I have been following the NQ futures for general market guidance and direction. I have mentioned in previous updates that the NQ is in an RST fractal pattern on all time frames. It remains in an ABCDE RST/. The NQ has placed it's lows at E where a reversal occurred. NQ is now trading in an uptrending channel. It has also taken out the 72% and 82% retracement level, this negates the prior move down and makes it corrective. Consequently NQ is now on it's next leg up towards 19000. NQ is also going up on bullish divergence. The NQ is leading the market forward. Remember in Bull markets futures lead the market higher and in bear markets cash leads the markets lower

Higher Oil Prices Oil Services Holders ETF (OIH)- Daily Chart- Energy Sector - Optionable
The weekly chart of the OIH is looking very bullish. It has just taken out the secondary downtrend line that it formed from it's correction off of the highs that it placed in May of 2006. The OIH is now trading at $147.00. We do not own the OIH, but I do watch it to monitor the sector's strength since we are overweight the energy sector. The energy sector, Crude Oil and Unleaded Gasoline are at 2007 highs and they have been on Fire! Commodities are the place to be! The commodities and commodity stocks are outperforming the broader market indexes. This is the year for commodities and their stocks! Finally, energy stocks still have to catch up to the price of Oil. Therefore, they will be moving on up shortly. Be prepared for nice gains ahead.

Oil Hits New 2007 Year Highs Oil stocks In this update I just want to alert you to the fact that Crude Oil is making new 2007 highs at 62.50. This is having a positive effect on the basket of energy stocks. I want to reiterate this. If you do not have energy stocks in your portfolio yet now is the time to get in. I am reiterating a buy on the following stocks: APA, EOG, SU, and PDC. Overweight EOG and SU. Keep a Medium size position in APA, and a standard position in PDC. Keep a small position in WFT. I am also reiterating a buy the dips in these stocks if your are already positioned for the buy entries.

Stock Market Update Video Update - March 07- Stock Market Update - $NAMO, $QQV, $USD, $UTIL, $MGO, MRO, X, & GSS In this Update I want to review a few charts that we have analyzed in the past few weeks. In this update I will focus on the $NAMO. A few weeks ago we did a podcast update. In that update, we discussed the $NAMO - Nasdaq McClellan Oscillator Ratio. Looking at the $NAMO chart is helpful because it is a good market sentiment indicator that identifies overbought and oversold levels that point towards potential reversals in trend. On this chart you can see that the $NAMO reached extremely oversold levels on 3/21/07 at -86.49. This also happens to be the lowest reading the $NAMO has ever seen. This - 86.49 means that stocks are out of favor and that there declining issues are exceeding advancing issues. Another important point about this chart is that it illustrates that the $NAMO has only experienced these oversold levels twice in it's chart history. The prior lows occurred in 1998 right before the bull market, and during the bear market bounce of 2001. This reading today can be read as extreme panic and precedes / portends a rally. The $NAMO chart is oversold and at an unprecedented low level. This reading just means that stocks are oversold and ready to bounce, it does not mean that stocks are going to hit new 52 week highs right away. The reason why I am bringing this chart up again is because at the time of the $NAMO lows, I stated that the market was ready for a key reversal upwards. In addition, I also stated that the QQQQ's stopped making new lows at the same time as the $NAMO. I further stated that the market had bottomed at - 86.49 and that this was a terrific buying point. To conclude I want to point out that the broader market rallied to new 2007 highs in less than a month after the $NAMO put in it's lows. This extreme and rapid movement from lows to highs in the broader market is significant because it all has to do with the Reverse Symmetrical Triangle that the Nasdaq 100 is in. RST's are extremely chaotic and confusing patterns that create market volatility. It is the only pattern that can go from extreme lows to new highs. In the rest of this update I will review the following charts: $QQV, $USD, $UTIL, $MGO, MRO, X, & GSS.

OIH Oil Stocks Video Update - 3/25/07 - Oil and Energy Stocks experiencing Buying Pressure In this update I will discuss the OIH and the portfolio energy related stocks. This morning the OIH printed new 2007 year highs around $141.00. This new high has created a bullish outside reversal on the monthly chart for the OIH. This means that the OIH is definitely on it's impulse wave 5 move up. Another stock that has made new 2007 highs is WFT. It is a component of the OIH. The great thing about WFT is that it has been a consistent and steady gainer since the lows were put in. WFT is up $10.00 from entry. Now I want to talk about energy stocks that I am looking at from a macro view point. From a macro point of view, SU, APA, EOG, and PDC have not started their bullish impulse 5th wave moves up yet. Therefore, I am reiterating buys on the aforementioned stocks. They are getting ready to take off and follow the OIH upwards

Chemical Stocks Video Update - March 2007 - Chemical Stocks - NCX and LYO In this update I will talk about the chemical sector. The first chart that I want to show you is the chart of the S&P Chemical Index. As you can see from the chart, you can see that the highs in the indicators and oscillators are occurring along with price which is bullish. What this means to me is that the chemical sector is bullish. We have 2 chemical stocks in the portfolio. They are NCX and LYO. NCX is looking very bullish. It has completed it's corrective wave 3 to wave 4 pullback. The MACD has bottomed and reversed upwards which is bullish. NCX is now in a bullish impulse 5 wave up move. LYO has a similar chart pattern to NCX. LYO has recently has a light volume pullback and is now ready to move back up. Once LYO takes out the February 2007 highs at $34.00 it will breakout - so get ready! Both NCX and LYO look awesome!

NASDAQ 100 Video Update March 2007 - NQ 100 Futures in Reverse Symmetrical Triangle (RST) Pattern In this update I will talk about Nasdaq 100 futures. As I have mentioned previously, NQ futures are in an ABCDE/ RST fractal pattern. Ever since October '06 the broader market has been in a techless rally. The chips have not participated. Now, for the first time since the early March lows at E, NQ futures have begun to lead the market upwards. This is a very very significant turn of events. NQ has held the lows and is now trading in a bullish uptrending channel. NQ is now on it's next leg up towards 19000. NQ is also going up on bullish divergence. NQ is leading the market forward. It will now zig zag up. This upwards move will be difficult to trade due to the chaotic nature of the RST pattern. There is no logic to this pattern. Due to the difficult trading nature of the RST, I am going to start focusing on specific sectors that are trading independently of the broader market indexes. I want to start focusing on sectors that have not gone down or that have stopped going down since the market lows were placed.

Chip Sector Leaders Video Update March 2007 - Chips Sector Leaders - BRKS, KLAC, QCOM, WFR, VSEA In this update I want to talk about Leading Chip Sector Stocks. (As a group they are categorized under Electronics in T123) The Leading Chip sector stock is BRKS. It is down the least and it is currently breaking out and making new highs in a market that is not so fresh. This is significant especially when it comes to BRKS. Another out performer is KLAC. What is good about KLAC? Well it will be a front runner to what might happen in this sector. This is significant. Another stock that I want to look at is QCOM. QCOM is in a bullish trend reversal. It has just made new 2007 highs, and it is in a bullish trend. The exponential moving averages have crossed over and are moving up along with price. WFR continues to be bullish. VSEA is also bullish. The fact that all of these chip stocks are out performing the broader market is a clue to the sector's strength. This means that money is flowing into this sector and may be a clue to sector rotation into Chips. Keep an eye on the page called Electronics.