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SP500-Emini-Update For anyone who was long stocks, the dramatic sell-off that began Tuesday must have come as a shock. There were lots of hints that the market was near a top, but the size and speed of the correction took many investors by surprise. The likelihood of continuing volatility will only increase anxiety in the coming weeks.

Trading-SP500-Emini-Futures Last week we had a quadruple witching option expiration week. Both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 posted their lowest weekly closes since the week of November 13, 2006.  While the long-term uptrend remains bullish, the medium- term has been threatened by the current price moves. The S&P 500 cash had 97.50 points down, only bounced up 46 points, and still couldn’t close above its breakeven point at 1412.77. This indicates we may see more downside movement in coming weeks.

Emini-Trading-SP500-With-Nat After last Wednesday’s rally all three major markets went sideways for the next two days. On the positive side, all three markets did hold their gain in to the end of the week. However the volume didn’t follow through in the final two days. All three are short–term overbought and trading in daily resistance zones.

Exciting Times in the Stock Market
Existing Portfolio Stocks That Have Buying Pressure on Breakouts

In these Updates I want to review and discuss some existing portfolio stocks that I am the most excited about right now and going forward. In this update I will review the following portfolio stocks: ADM, APA, PSYS, OVTI, PDC, EOG. One thing that you may have noticed is that energy stocks and commodity stocks have been on fire this month! In fact, energy stocks were the best performers this past week. Before I review our portfolio stocks I want to discuss buying pressure and what it means to our stocks. In fact, I want you to be aware that our portfolio stocks have outperformed the broader market indexes this year by leaps and bounds. They even held up remarkably well during the recent market pullback. If you ask me that is some "darn good stock market picking."!

What is buying Pressure?
Buying Pressure = This is a simple definition. Buying pressure can basically be defined as increasingly higher and higher demand for a particular stock's shares. This demand for shares exceeds the supply and naturally causes the price to rise. Buying pressure can be seen as higher highs in price and higher lows in price as a stock trends upwards and gains bullish momentum. Buying pressure can also be seen in the stocks strength as it reaches major support levels and resistance levels. Buying pressure can come into a stock at support levels which prevents any further decline. As traders say "what fails to breakdown goes up" and eventually breaks out. The strength or weakness of a stock determines how much buying or selling interest will be required to break support and resistance areas. In addition, when there is increasing volume traded at any level, the stronger the support and resistance levels will be. This is also a sign of buying pressure coming in to a stock. You can see buying pressure come into a stock when it starts to close near the Highs of Day (HOD) for a consecutive number of days (typically 3 days). This indicates that the "Bulls are driving up the price." If the overall market conditions remain favorable, a stock with confirmed consecutive closes near the High of Day will be viewed as bullish and will be an excellent potential long. Increasing volume is typically triggered by institutional buying. This can be seen in large block trades of lets say 50,000 shares or higher or many small block trades. In addition, the technical indicators will also confirm buying pressure with positive divergence and a move up along with price. Buying pressure can also come into a stock when it is heavily shorted. When there are too many shorts in a specific stock it can cause a stock to reverse upwards or to continue to rally upwards as stop losses on short positions are triggered by relatively light buying pressure. Finally increased market volatility can also add fuel to the fire when it comes to buying pressure.

In terms of using technical indicators you must first learn to recognize that there are two types of market environments. These environments are range bound markets and trending markets. When you know what type of market condition your stocks are in then you can use the appropriate technical indicators and oscillators for that type of trading environment. Just as there are two types of market environments there are also two basic types of technical indicators. These are oscillators and indicators. Oscillators signal potential reversal points and buying pressure. Oscillators, such as stochastics, are great to use during range bound market environments. Indicators in contrast, spot continuation trends and flag increasing momentum which also points out buying pressure. Indicators, such as MACD and ADX/DMI, are best used during trending environments. A stock is bullish and trending upwards when it is breaking out above previous highs or breaking down below previous lows. This trend can be seen in the price and the MACD and ADX/DMI.

Archer Daniels Midland CO. - (ADM )- Ethanol - Bull Flagging

ADM is a current portfolio stock and it is an ethanol play. This is my top Ethanol play. The chart illustrates that ADM has spent the last 5 months in a wave 3 to wave 4 ABC corrective channel. Remember corrections always occur against the primary trend. The correction is not over until it resumes the primary up trend by breaking the downtrend channel at $34.50. As you can see, ADM has taken out that downtrend line and retested it this past week to form a bull flag. This breakout is exciting! Looking at the chart you can see that ADM bottomed in January, and since then has been placing higher highs and higher lows in a bullish fashion ever since then. In addition, you can see that the MACD has bottomed and is showing positive divergence as the price rises and gains momentum and is now trading above 0. That is a classic sign of increased buying pressure. That is exciting! In fact, ADM held up very well during the recent decline in the broader market indexes which is another bullish sign and a sign of increased buying pressure as well. That is also exciting because the bulls have held up the price! The buy alert for ADM was triggered at $35.52. It is an investor trade, meaning that it is meant to be held for 6 to 12 months or until the revised price target is reached at $50.00. That would be a gain of 15 points. Love this stock! BULLISH.

Psychiatric Solutions, Inc. - (PSYS) - Bull Flagging
As you can see by looking at the chart, PSYS has completed it's recent pullback off of the highs and is resuming it's original upward trend. I have been suggesting this stock over and over again because the chart pattern is great. In addition, indicators and are bullish and pointing towards a continued bullish trend and continued bullish momentum. I want to reiterate a price target of $50.00 for this swing trade. I am excited about PSYS and it is going higher in the short term. BULLISH

Apache Corp. - (APA) - Energy Sector
What is exciting about APA right now and in the short term? ( We have been APA for a while now - but it is looking really good now!). I want new subscribers to know that buying pressure is coming into APA right now. I am excited about APA because it has taken out the downtrend line and buying pressure is increasing in the stock because of this breakout. This is very exciting! Furthermore, you can see this increase in buying pressure in the positive divergence that is present in the MACD. The ADX is bullish and has been gaining momentum since the lows in October of '06. Since the chart is so bullish and now that the breakout has occurred I am have revised the price target on APA. As you can see, it is already trading close to my original price target of $72.00. I believe further gains of $10.00 to $15.00 are possible for APA. This stock is going to move up fast and furiously now, and that bullish trending momentum is exciting! Buy the dips! BULLISH

OmniVision Technologies, Inc. -(OVTI) - Breaks the Down Trend Line ! Exciting!
Now you may be thinking what is going on with OVTI? You may think what can I possibly say about this stock? Is there anything good to say about this stock ? I know that you think that this stock has been a Stink Bomb! But you know what you are wrong! Do you want to know why? OVTI has not been a stink bomb, we just didn't have a good entry. In fact OVTI has just taken longer to break out above the down trend line than I thought it originally would. It has held it's lows this year and the MACD is showing positive divergence and the buying momentum was huge on the breakout of the DTL. That is a classic sign of a reversal and an increase in buying pressure . That is exciting! The ADX is bullish and has been gaining momentum! I just want you to be aware that there is a big difference between a poorly timed entry and a stock taking longer to breakout. The stock has been acting well ever since our buy entry. I want you and all new subscribers to buy this stock when it back tests the down trend line. OVTI is fanfrickentastic! BULLISH!

Pioneer Drilling Co. -(PDC) - Breaks the Down Trend Line ! Now that is Exciting!
What is significant and exciting about PDC? You already know how bullish I am on the energy sector. However I am really bullish on PDC now. There are not many oil / energy stocks that I think are going to double this year with the exception of PDC. PDC is now resuming a bullish impulse wave 3 up trend. As you may know according to Elliot Wave impulse wave 3 is the fastest moving impulse up wave. Now PDC is going to double from here by the time it completes it's final 5th impulse wave up. I want to stress that it doesn't matter if you didn't get in at the bottom once you book gains of 100%. Potential gains of 100% are very exciting! This stock is fixing to explode due to the pent up buying pressure that is coming into PDC right now. It has held it's lows this year and the MACD is showing positive divergence and the buying momentum has come into PDC on the breakout of the DTL. That is a classic sign of a reversal and an increase in buying pressure . That is exciting! The ADX is also bullish and has been gaining momentum! PDC has just completed a backtest to the broken DTL and is forming a bull flag. Now is the time to buy PDC for potential gains of 100% going forward. What more can I say? Except this... If you like to make $$ buy this stock now! Don't delay or you'll have to pay! And by that I mean higher prices at entry! This stock is BULLISH!

EOG Resources, Inc. - (EOG) - Energy Sector - Triple Top Breakout
EOG is a lower risk Oil play. EOG also presents itself as a value play with a P/E of 11.47. What do I love about the chart of EOG? What is exciting about EOG right now? Well not only is it in a really bullish pattern (not shown here) but it has just had a massive triple top breakout above $69.00. This means that EOG has resumed it's bullish impulse 5th wave up move and will now be trending upwards. Now that is exciting! The MACD is showing massive bullish divergence and the ADX/DMI has had a massive spike upwards. EOG is the front runner of all Oil stocks. This stock is a fast mover. There will be days when EOG is going up so fast that you will chase this stock. Now is the perfect time to get in if you are not in EOG. I have reiterated a buy on EOG so many times that I have updated EOG the most out of all the stocks in the portfolio this year alone! That is sign right there that tells you how excited I am about EOG! The buy alert for EOG was triggered at $70.20. It is an investor trade, meaning that it is meant to be held for 6 to 12 months or until price target is reached at $95.00. That would be a gain of 25 points. BULLISH

US Global Investors Inc. - (GROW) - Bullish Continuation Wedge Breakout- Financial
Boy oh boy! Last week institutions and traders were gobbling up shares of GROW like it was a Thanksgiving feast. They couldn't get enough of this shares of this stock! The momentum and buying pressure on the breakout was massive. Just MASSIVE! Now that is exciting! The daily chart of GROW illustrates that it is in a Bullish Continuation Falling Wedge pattern. This pattern forms in an uptrend, therefore it is classified as a continuation pattern. The wedge represents a pause before it continues on its uptrend. You can see that GROW never overlapped it's previous wave. The MACD is showing massive bullish divergence at each low and the ADX/DMI has had a massive spike upwards. GROW had a massive gain of 30% this week due to the breakout of the wedge. Now that is exciting! GROW is BULLISH!

Sunocor Energy, Inc - (SU) - Energy Sector - Breaks the Down Trend Line ! Now that is Exciting!
What do I love about the chart of SU? What is exciting about SU right now? Well not only is it in a really bullish pattern (not shown here,) but it has just had a massive breakout of the downtrend line above $70.00. This means that SU has resumed it's bullish impulse 5th wave up move and will now be trending upwards. Now that is exciting! The MACD is showing massive bullish divergence and will soon be trading above 0. The ADX/DMI has had a spike upwards. Now is the perfect time to get into SU if you are not in it yet. I am reiterating a buy on SU here because due to this statistic, which is that 90% of all stocks that cross $88.00 go to $100. BUY SU! BUY SU! BUY SU! Buying Pressure is coming into SU and that is EXCITING!

To conclude this update, all of these stocks are experiencing massive buying pressure on their respective breakouts. If you are not yet in them, now is the time to get in, or wait for the dips and buy the dips. I also like these stocks because they have outperformed the market this year. They held up really well during the broader market pullback which shows strength. These stocks are strong stocks and are gaining bullish momentum. The moves in these stocks are exciting and they will continue to be exciting going forward! The Bottom line is that these stocks are BULLISH!

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