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What is a chart? In one of my recent blog posts, I go back to the basics of technical analysis to get you started trading smart, and trading profitably. Find out whenever I update my blog by clicking here.

Chart Pattern Recognition When analyzing charts, we look for patterns—that is, objects or shapes that call to mind an image of a similar event in the past. Because patterns repeat, we can use them to determine the probability of a certain outcome. Technical Analysis helps us tell whether it's imagination, illusion, fact or fiction—that is, to distinguish between what is real and what we think is real. This, in my not so humble opinion, is often found in many other types of analysis. Hence the reason I always say, "The charts never lie." The only thing that is real is where price is at the end of the day. Price, as stated in my last blog entry, is nothing more than investor emotions plotted on a grid in the form of lines or candlesticks that show what they feel about that particular stock or security.

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February 8, 2008

For the past five years, I have made what can best be called an incredible journey. Several times a month, immediately after nightfall, I get in my car and drive 45 minutes north of the city where I live. The mountain roads are narrow, winding and treacherous, especially in the dark. Nonetheless, I continue, trying to be oblivious to the steep falloffs and the hairpin turns that come upon me in an instant. I make this trip for two reasons, and both are relevant to trading. More...

Top Percentage Gainers Research
Symbol Bias % Gain
SPWR Long 18.68% Click here to view archives Click here to view chart
USD Long 17.45% Click here to view archives Click here to view chart
AAPL Long 9.70% Click here to view archives Click here to view chart
Top Dollar Gainers Research
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SPWR Long $11.58 Click here to view archives Click here to view chart
AAPL Long $11.45 Click here to view archives Click here to view chart
USD Long $7.33 Click here to view archives Click here to view chart


What is Technical Analysis? – Here at Trending123 we use some of the most sophisticated technical analysis to predict the movement of trades, our stock scanner runs an automated analysis of over 16,000 investment instruments, including equities, indices and currencies. We track 238 different sectors and sub-sectors of the market and give you a comprehensive breakdown of the results. Want to learn more? Visit our Tutorials section or for complete access to our service right now, sign up here!

Here’s a list of some of the information we provide to educate you into becoming a more profitable investor:

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February 5, 2008

There is no such thing as news!  Well, what I mean is there’s no such thing as NEW news—at least in relation to the market.  Everything that is happening now has happened before.  And if it’s happened before—you guessed it—we can predict that it will happen again…or at the very least not be surprised when it happens again!  Seems like a silly reminder right?  Yep, I wholeheartedly concur—EXCEPT that somehow market amnesia hits us all from time to time.  This is especially true when the market is bearish and volatile.  The fear grips us and we can’t think straight. More...

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