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Meet John Lansing, Your Guide to Sudden Profits

Who is John Lansing?

John Lansing is not your typical Wall Street insider, but that didn’t stop him from making tons of money using his own winning stock market trading strategies. He came to investing only after a brief foray into hotel restaurant management. While he rose quickly in the field of hospitality, he also quickly realized his heart was not in it. His passion was for numbers and patterns… and making money! So he set off into the world of investing, became a ridiculously successful stock trader, and never looked back.

In 1999, John turned his personal, successful trading practice into a full-time service for traders and investors in order to prevent what he saw as an impending disaster. When he analyzed the stock market sectors, he saw all of his charts pointing to a NASDAQ collapse and he couldn't just keep that information to himself. He started telling his friends the news, and created an outlet so that other grateful stock investors could be privy to this information, as well. Out of this financial compassion came Trending123.

These days, John Lansing spends countless hours tracking all of the stock market sectors and sub-sectors, over 16,000 different investment vehicles, from his home in Oklahoma to find winning trades for investors like you on

You can meet John Lansing yourself when you sign up today

And what does he do here at Trending123?

John Lansing created Trending123, the multimedia hub for technical analysis trading, to help investors like you target the best stocks and commodities – those that were going to make his subscribers big money, and fast! John Lansing helps you create a continual stream of profits by picking winning stocks that help stock investors make fast money… easy money on the stock market. Learn more…

John Lansing employs a host of sophisticated online stock trading tools to provide investors with the best information available on hot stocks, stock trends, and the market. But if all a trader needed was raw data on, there’d be a lot more millionaires out there. And a lot of unemployed advisors. What Trending123 does is different!  John Lansing uses his stock research tools (available to all subscribers, as well), takes the information on these stock charts and interprets them using his years of experience in trading and technical analysis.

His goal is to make you money, and to do that you need information. Information that makes sense to you no matter what kind trader you are: newbie or pro, day trader or swing trader or even a more conservative investor. Every day, you’ll hear from John about what’s happening on the stock charts. If all you want is the raw data, you can go right the charts to analyze the trends for yourself. If you need a little more guidance, listen to his in depth multimedia daily updates where he talks you through the charts and trades and lets you know exactly where the stock has been, where it’s going, and what you should do about it! Buy? Sell? Or hold on tight. (Check out the full Trending123 portfolio now!)

Want more access than that? Visit the Trending123 Trading Room where you can find John Lansing all day, from market open to market close. He’ll answer all your questions about open stock positions, stock picks he’s about to buy or stock positions he has just closed, technical analysis in general, or the Trending123 service. If you have an after hours question, or are just looking to get to know the Trending123 community, check out the message boards, available 24/7. You’ll find trading tips, help pages, and other fun articles posted by other Trending123 subscribers. You just won’t find this kind of close knit community anywhere else… and certainly won’t find so many stock trading success stories all in one place: Get started today!