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stock picks using technical analysis
At, we work day and night (literally) to grow your portfolio with the best trading setups, on-demand access to leading technical analysis experts and stock trading recommendations that hit their targets with uncanny accuracy. It's this obsession with staying one step ahead of the market that has catapulted our subscribers to trading success.

And Trending123 isn't just a one-way street. It's a community, where you can get all the guidance you needfrom both the experts and other membersto trade successfully, overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of your wealth, and not only learn from, but become one of the best traders in the market.

But don't take our word for it. Try Trending123 today and find out for yourself.

Daily Technical Analysis Updates

Get inside the mind of our founder, John Lansing, with his pre-market, intraday, and nightly market updates. Plus, our e-mail alerts let you know when price targets are hit or a move is warranted. You may never make a move again without checking your in-box. Here are some of the updates you'll receive:

  • Pre-Market UpdateGet everything you need to know to start the day off with a bang, before the opening bell.
  • Mid-Day UpdateTimely analysis of current market activity and any new trends affecting our open trades.
  • After-Hours RecapWhat happened in the market today and what the opportunities and risks mean for you.
  • Weekend Review & Look-AheadAnalysis of the past trading week and what we have to look forward to, as well.
  • Trading Setup and Profit AlertsFor every trade we make, you'll be alerted to the setup in our updates and get your signal to close the position in our profit alerts.

Trending123 Live Trading Room

Listen to and chat with trading specialists in real time, including our founder, John Lansing, who have made millions successfully predicting the market's next move. Anywhere else, you'd need an appointment for this kind of trading guidance and support.

Trending123 Message Boards

Do you have a question on a recommendation? Do you need help understanding a particular trade setup? Then post your question on the message boards, and John Lansing will get right back to you. You can also post questions for other Trending123 staff or learn from other members.

Stock Pattern Scan

With our proprietary combination of technical analysis techniques, make every investment decision with ease and confidence. Customize up to 25 scans or use the ones already in place to find hot new stocks or glimpse into the future of your portfolio.

Daily Technical Event Alerts

Generated by our automated pattern recognition scan and emailed after market close, Technical Event Alerts signal possible patterns in the charts that could lead to trade setups. They provide a glimpse at some of the technical events happening in the market right now and ideas for how to set up your stock scans.

Hurry, don't waitsudden profits are just three steps away.