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Janice Dorn

Janice Dorn, MD, PhD
Neuropsychological Trading Coach

Janice Dorn, M.D., Ph.D., has been a full-time futures trader since 1994. Doctor Janice holds an M.D. in psychiatry and is board-certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in general psychiatry and addiction psychiatry. She holds a Ph.D. in brain anatomy. A graduate of Coach University, she is a pioneer market psychiatrist and financial neurobehaviorist. Doctor Janice has written over 500 articles on the financial markets and coached over 600 traders worldwide. She is the Global Risk Strategist for Ingenieux Wealth Management Group, Sydney, Australia.

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December 1, 2005
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"The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become." Charles Dubois

I am totally fired up! I have more enthusiasm and excitement about trading and coaching traders than I have felt in several years.

In January and February of 2006, I will be co-presenting two live seminars on Trading and Investing. The topic of this presentation is: Super Cycle/ Super Bull/ Quantum Wealth and How To Prepare For the Largest Financial, Social and Politcal Train Wreck in History.

Talk about going schizo! On the one hand, I am going to tell people how great things are and how they can, in the next three years, triple their wealth through three specific avenues of enterprise; and, on the other hand, I am going to tell people what they must do to get their entire lives in order so that they can and will be protected from the massive rollover which is coming. What fun and how totally challenging, so no wonder I am so excited right now! In preparing for this work, I have read and studied more on the financial markets, market psychology, mind/body and trading than I have done in ..well.. let's just say probably forever.

I have gone back to the basics of my training in brain anatomy and physiology as it relates to emotion, perception, memory, fear, greed, and every aspect of our state of being human. I have tapped into my 25 years as a practicing psychiatrist to formulate a totally original thesis about how our brains work with our bodies to put us into states which can be either damaging or highly productive in terms of trading and investing. I have read the so-called experts in this field and found them sorely lacking, either in terms of their creative writing and thinking or their basic understanding of the mind/brain/body correlate.

I have studied the life histories of many traders, some great and some not so great. There is a common theme to those who have gone on to greatness, and this theme is repeated in many stories. They lost it all, were forced to either keep their day job or get a job to make money so that they could try again. These are the traders with pure passion for the markets, almost to the point of obsession with trading. These are the traders who inspire us through their courage, their brilliance, their idiocy, their losses, their wins, their pure presence on this planet.

There are very few of them. Most are not visible and don't want to be. Most will tell you that they are always losing but they won't tell you what they are doing. Some will trick you into thinking they are doing one thing when they are actually doing quite the opposite. Most are reclusive and eccentric and you would not recognize their names. A few have come out and allowed themselves ( sometimes with great reluctance and other times with bravado) to be put in the two books on Market Wizards.
Do you know any really great traders?

Are you one?

Would you like to be?

I really don't care about the answer to these questions except for the third one? Would you like to be a great trader? Are you willing to do what it takes to be a great trader?

If you answer is "Yes" then I will begin a series for you on how to transform yourself, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to put you into the state of mind where profits will flow freely into your account. I will show you, step by step why trading is 90% psychological and is an art that can be learned. The path will be a challenge for some, but the rewards to every aspect of your life will be absolutely beyond huge.

That does not mean going out and buying software, attending mega-thousand dollar seminars where people will "teach" you to trade, or having every shiny bell and whistle. They may help you, and they may also hinder you. They may also end up pocketing a lot of your money when they get done selling you their fancy system which you then take home and find doesn't work for you. Think of the thousands and thousands of dollars that people spend on this stuff. And they keep on selling it because people keep buying it. Why aren't there more millionaries and billionaires trading today?

Why do they have to get you to megathousand dollar seminars to sell you their system so that you can magically "learn" to trade? If their trading system is so great, why aren't they off on a desert island trading on the beach? Think about it? If they have found the Holy Grail that will make them billions, why are they selling it to everyone?

But I digress ( what else is new?)

In order to start your journey toward your degree as a Master of Market Psychology, I will assume that you have a trading system and a trading plan. If you do not have trading system or a trading plan, then stop right now and get one. You cannot proceed without one.What you need is a trading plan that is compatible with your personality, one that makes sense to you and one with which you have had a reasonable degree of success.

After that, you need the will and the courage to look more closely at yourself, who you are, what you perceive, what you believe, how you act, your core personality structure and motivations. You need to be prepared to look at yourself, your present and your past with radical honesty and without fear. You will learn that the opposite of fear is confidence, and that all the power to be truly great is within you.
What is success for you right now? More winners that losers? That is the beginning of success and a good place to start. What is the goal?

To get to the point where money from the markets flows easily and effortlessly into your accounts, and your balances are growing and flourishing every day. Once you have a trading plan, you are ready to go from mediocre to better to great.

"Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death." Anais Nin

Caveat: what I will teach you is simple, but it is not easy. There is a high probability that it will be the most difficult and challenging project you have ever encountered. YOU must make the decision that the potential rewards are worth the sacrifice. It is simple, because, once it happens, it will be seamless---almost like you were not aware and then, one day, a big Ah Ha!

It is simple but it is not easy. Why? Because it requires that you throw away everything you have learned about how to be successful in the world and see yourself and the markets with a brand new pair of eyes.

If you are willing to make the first step toward doing this, I am here to help you until you show me that you are willing in word only. I am here to show you how to become a truly great trader until you show me that you cannot walk your talk. I am here until you get out of your integrity with yourself and with me. I am here until you demonstrate to me that you do not have the courage to change.
That's all, it's just that simple. If you are prepared to change everything that you have ever learned about how to be a successful trader and to adopt a new way of looking at yourself, your perceptions, your beliefs and who you are as a person... then you are ready. This will be the most challenging, frustrating, funny, sad, exciting, rewarding, and awesome journey you will ever make.

Not everyone can do this. In fact, some will fail. It is in the nature of trading that the many traders fail. I want you to be a success. I want you to make it. But- I can't do it without you. YOU have to want it and to need it more than you want or need anything in life. If this is who you are, or who you think you are, please let me hear from you?

"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do." Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe