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Stock Patterns are recognized by price swings that form distinctive chart patterns
Friday, December 9, 2005

A Symmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish) is considered a bullish signal, indicating that the current uptrend may continue. The formation occurs because prices are reaching both lower highs and higher lows. The technical event occurs when the price breaks out of the triangle formation to close above the upper (descending) trendline, thereby confirming the pattern. More...
Event Date:
Dec 08, 2005
Opportunity Type:
Close Price:
Target Price Range:
$128.00 - $134.00
Classic patterns are recognized by price swings that form distinctive patterns on the stock's price chart. The names of classic patterns often reflect the shape of the formation such as the Double Bottom, Ascending Triangle and so on. Accepted principles of technical analysis indicate that classic patterns may provide insight into the outlook for the equity's price. We have selected patterns that define a target price range. The duration of the pattern signifies the time horizon for the anticipated price move: the longer the pattern, the longer the time horizon to reach the potential target price.
Price Period:
Pattern Duration:
50 days
Inbound Trend Duration:
99 days
chart patterns
chart patterns
chart patterns
chart patterns