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Stock Market Update
Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Up, down, up, down..nauseating trading range. Whipsaw. Traders in greed one day, and in fear the next day. What is going on? The markets are bipolar and fibrillating. The markets are manic-depressive and volatility is increasing. Just when you think they are moribund and going down, they wake up and rally. Just when you think they might start really rallying ,they go down and look like they are finally rolling over.

And guess what? The markets are going nowhere and have gone nowhere in weeks. Many of you are also on an emotional roller coaster, as the markets are doing exactly what they always do...try to take your money before you can take theirs and catch the maximal number of people off guard. This is particularly true of the index traders who, unless they are highly skilled, are in total whiplash and very much in need of medical treatment at this time. Or is it whipsaw? Same thing... basically a pain in the neck and some large fluctuations in your trading capital unless you are very swift and can range trade. Not too many can do this..Yet!

It is the nature and the rules of this great game of trading and investing. People fear the most when they should be the most greedy, and are the most greedy when they should be the most fearful.

It is in the nature of the market mistress to punish you as much as possible... IF you allow it. And, unfortunately, many of you do.( More on masochism and the desire to lose. ( more on the desire to lose coming soon to a Trading Wisdom in your neighborhood )

Throughout all of this, the, majority of our subscribers are NOT in pain, suffering or emotional whipsaw. These are the people who took positions on the alerts and are holding through. Holding through is the most difficult thing for some of you to do. You--blinded, hypnotized and diseased by tick-itis are doing everything you can do to hurt yourselves. What might that be, you ask?.......................................Read More

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