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Thursday, December 15, 2005

  • How much does the Pattern Recognition Scan cost?
  • **FREE** for every subscriber!
  • Technical Analysis can, and should, be used by all types of traders and investors.The Pattern Recognition Scan provides a range of Technical Events that apply to a variety of investment objectives and strategies.
  • Short-term traders, such as day traders, should use the Technical Events provided by the Pattern Recognition Scan as a guideline or indicator of the possible activity in the next trading day. Short-term events, such as Candlestick patterns, can be very useful in providing an indication of the next day's trading patterns.
  • Swing traders (who hold positions for a few days or weeks) can take advantage of both the Short-term Technical Events, such as Candlesticks, and those Technical Events based on short-term moving averages, such as Triple Moving Average Crossovers.
  • Investors, who hold positions for months or years, should use Technical Events based on chart patterns, such as the Double Bottom. These patterns form over weeks and months and provide an indication of the possible direction of the price over a period of months or years. In addition, longer-term investors should use Technical Events based on the longer-term moving averages such as Price Crosses Moving Average (200 day MA).
  • Regardless of the type of trading or investing that you do, this service can provide you with new information and new insights into your stocks.

What is the Pattern Recognition Scan?

  • The Pattern Recognition Scan is a very powerful software engine that scans an on-line database of over 16,000 securities. You can search for numerous types of technical breakouts, but the principal feature of the software is its efficient and rapid ability to locate price patterns either on site, or through email alerts..........Learn More

stock technical analysis
stock technical analysis
stock technical analysis