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The Pathway to Protecting Against the Biggest Financial, Social and Political Train Wreck in History

Warning: There is still time to triple your net worth and protect everything you own and everything you love against the coming time bomb--THE BIG ROLLOVER!!

Sixteen powerful negative factors are converging on you right now, and your life will never be the same. The rate of change is accelerating such that, when this cyclone hits, it will be fast and furious. You know it and you can feel it, but will you be one of the few who is prepared and who will not only survive, but also prosper?


All the answers are here for you. In a ten-hour audio CD package, the wisdom of the renowned Quantum Wealth Seminars is now available. Twp recognized experts, with a combined experience of 80 years in the financial markets and mass psychology, reveal their six years of research on proven life-saving strategies to grow and protect your wealth through three distinct pathways. This no-holds-barred presentation tells you EXACTLY WHAT YOU MUST DO RIGHT NOW TO GROW AND PRESERVE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE WORKED FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!!

What others are saying:

  • “Absolute home run presentation! I know exactly what to do and have already made ten times the cost of the CDs through one simple strategy”—J.L., Miami, FL
  • I already took action based on one of your powerful strategies, and pocketed $25,000 in one week. Thanks for the home run idea!” –R.S., Boulder, CO

If you are currently a subscriber just email [email protected] and say "send now" include your subscription account number (cost $449.00) or click here and order directly

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"The Pathway to Protecting Against the Biggest Financial, Social and Political Train Wreck in History"

It is staring you right in the face. Do you see it! Can you feel it? It is moving at crescendo speed, breaking down global boundaries and penetrating into every part of the world. It is the "Mother Lode", perhaps the most dynamic and relentless biopsychosocial, economic, transcultural phenomenon in history. Now some forty years in the making, this powerful Grand Super Cycle has entered its parabolic wave, which will take it to culmination in a few years. Will you ride that wave, or just watch from the sidelines as the momentum grows to heights not presently imaginable!

The foundation for this global juggernaut has been laid by generations past and taken to its present level in the form of education, instantaneous communication of information, technological innovation, personal empowerment and entrepreneurial enterprise, all wrapped around the greatest economic and transformational force in history - The Baby Boomers.

You and every person on earth today are touched in some way by this inexorable dynamic. It is a global tornado of wealth creation, wealth accumulation and a Grand Super Cycle of o ulence, far greater than the era of Gatsby. Why is it greater? Because it is about much more than financial wealth. It is about attaining a higher quality of life, which embraces quantum health and wellness, life extension, spirituality, the search for personal meaning and mutually reinforcing social interaction, including philanthropy. The stage for this Super Cycle tsunami has been set for you by the gums of finance, economics, fitness and self-help. The stage is set and the backdrop is ready for you to step into the spotlight and take action.

Yet, most of you will not do that. You will stand powerless, watching from a far like a child with its nose pressed up against the window of a candy store. You want to be part of it, hut you have no idea where to start and so you do nothing. And the wave continues and washes over you until you feel like a drowning person struggling for air and don't know what hit you. Most men live lives of quiet desperation. You have heard the saying, no doubt. But there is more to it than this. Most men live lives of quiet desperation and die with their song still inside of them. Yes, the stage is set and everything is ready, but you are unable or unwilling to get up on that stage and sing your song ... make yourself strong I and do not be afraid to take what is there for you. Most people will not have the courage to do this.

They stand by, feeling, powerless and content to watch from afar. Almost in a state of paralysis where it all seems too overwhelming and maybe you don't deserve it anyway, so why bother? Yes, you want it all, but just don't have the energy or the desire to go after it. So you stay "stuck" in a state of paralytic insanity where you do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. One thing is absolutely clear: if you keep doing what ou are doing, you are going to keep getting what you are getting. Now is the time for you to take control, to make yourself strong, to sing your song and to get your piece of the Grand Super Cycle!

Why Quantum Power and why now! Just as every boom is followed by bust, (as it is in the natural ebb and flow of life and changing cycles), this Grand Super Cycle will end. It will be followed by a vicious cycle of devastation, pain, financial ruin and despair for those who are not prepared. This is coming. If you do not take action now, if you do not get up on that stage and do something about your life, you will be completely buried by the next cycle. Now is the time, and you have to take action to protect yourself and your loved ones. I believe that it is possible for you to double or triple your net worth over the next few years by maximizing the three power pathways of wealth accumulation: Real Estate, the Financial Markets and Entrepreneurial Enterprise. I will show you how, by becoming "invisible" you will be able to attain a level of personal fulfillment beyond anything you have imagined.

CountDown To MeltDown

Quantum Power is the final chapter in my Quantum Teaching series. It is the culmination of the wisdom I have gathered over the many years I have been speaking with you and to you and to many others throughout the world. Through Quantum Power you will learn how to make yourself strong in every way and how to prepare yourself for what is coming when this Grand Super Cycle ends. I will teach you how to: trade stocks and options for maximally efficient and consistent cash flow; build a multimillion dollar Real Estate one deal at a time; maximize, supercharge and protect your assets using the "Barbell Portfolio"; harness the power of Entrepreneurial Enterprise through LLC corporate structure, licensing and the Getty Strategy; embrace the principles of quantum Living, to live a full and enriched life that will allow you to successfully sidestep next cycle, the Big Rollover.

It is a known fact that fear is a big seller. Fear is a highly emotional response to perceived danger. The movie industry has capitalized on this human emotion by being a purveyor of fear in the form of monsters and a wlde range of disaster flicks and Armageddon type scenarios. But our subconscious mind has always told us that it was just a movle and that when it was over we could go home to a safe environment. But what if? What if there was a developing reality at contained all our worst fears coming together at one time and aimed directly at you?

My name is Nick Russo. Institutional and individual clients know me as one of Wall Street's most positively focused strategists. I am considered an expert on trends and have a superior record of forecasting important change well in advance of traditional forms of analysis. But now I have a new and important message. The conclusion of my proprietary analysis is that the very positive Grand Super Cycle of growth is in its final phase of development and will end in the not so distant future. It has entered the crown of the curve and will usher in a new long-term cycle of pain and devastation. I have titled the pending down cycle, "The Big Rollover."

It is destined to be the greatest financial, social and political train wreck in modern history. And it cannot be stopped. Although it is virtually impossible to pinpoint the exact date, I am able to bracket a timeframe. All big and important change develops by way of transition. The table is already being set. On an intuitive level you probably already sense that many things are just not right, So you must prepare now. Time cannot be wasted to put in place the proper game plan to protect you, your family and your business for what lies ahead. The good news is that there is one last chance to get it right, to take charge, to re-construct your life by rising to the challenge and making some very tough decisions now, not later.

I want you to understand that this is not a question, whether the Big Rollover will happen, but rather when it will happen. You deserve the best information, the very best plan of action possible. So for this the final segment in my Quantum series I have teamed up with a very powerful ally. Dr. Janice Dom MD, PHD has just the credentials that will compliment this program in all the ways you would expect. Her insightful and pragmatic approach to Quantum Living and Wealth Creation will be a grounding enhancement or the plan that you must initiate now, not later.

It is time to face up to what you already know and feel, that the world is operating in a very delicate balance and can tilt in eitier direction at any time with devastating consequences. Join Dr. Dorn and myself to create your very own master plan of wealth enhancement and personal and professional survival. Please join us and bring a loved one. It is not too late!


"The Largest Financial, Social and Political Train Wreck in History"


This seminar has been designed to be the ultimate Wealth Creation/Wealth Protection event of our time. Years of preparation, research and trend analysis have gone into the composite thesis. So what should you expect? First you should expect and will
receive knowledge on the final stage of the Grand Super Cycle and the following Big Rollover that, in composite, has not been available from any media source.

During this two-day event a plan of action will be presented that will allow you to create maximum wealth enhancement to your current financial profile through the three major pathways of the financial markets, Real Estate and entrepreneurial enterprise. You will learn specific strategies and techniques in those three areas that go beyond the scope of the average financial planner, advisor or broker. Being ahead of the curve for changing trends creates great wealth. So cycles of fear actually become the ultimate zones of opportunity.

The Big Rollover will happen it cannot be stopped. A down cycle of maximum pain and destruction is on the horizon. One of the best economists of our time is proclaiming that it will be "the Mother of All Depressions." So the second part of our program is to explain all of the dynamics intrinsic to the Big Rollover, to include why it will happen. And then to give you a simple, but powerful plan to sidestep this pending Tsunami.

Recent tragic events point to the importance and value of listening to alerts and then taking pro-active action. This seminar is geared towards helping to make your financial and personal profile as strong as possible so that you will be able to successfully navigate the biggest storm in history that is on the horizon.

You already know in your heart of hearts that you need to attend this seminar. Bring your husband, wife, child, friend or neighbor, but do not miss this event!

Nicholas Russo, Jr.  

Nicholas Russo, Jr.
Mr. Russo is the senior financial analyst and market strategist in the states of Arizona and Idaho. He is one of Wall Street's most respected stock traders and is considered an authority on trends and the marketplace. He was the winner of three stock trading contests and is often a guest lecturer at universities and trade groups. Since 1965, Mr. Russo has been a senior officer of four Wall Street firms and the head of two stock trading departments developing powerful relationships in the institutional community. He now runs a private investment advisory and money management firm and publishes the "Momentum Monitor", a proprietary technical momentum product that has been highly successful in calling major turning points for stocks and the market. He is prominent entrepreneur and advisor in private business and real estate.

His classes on Quantum Living, Investing and Trading are always sold out and have been instrumental in helping thousands of people achieve higher levels of personal and financial success. He currently hosts "Financial Trends and the Marketplace" on KFNN, 1510 AM, on Sunday mornings at 8:00 am and call also be heard worldwide on He and his wife participate in Quantum Living by dividing their time between their homes in Fountain Hills, Arizona and Sandpoint, Idaho.

Janice Dorn, MD, PhD  

Janice Dorn, MD, PhD
Janice Dorn, MD, PhD is a graduate of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine where she received her PhD in Neuroanatomy. She did her postdoctorate work in Neurophysiology at the New York Medical College. She received her MD from La Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez, did one year of clinical clerkships in Phoenix, Arizona and the completed a Neurology Internship at The University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. She is also a graduate of Coach University. She trained in Anesthesiology at UCLA where she also did a Fellowship in Cancer Pain Management. She completed a Psychiatric Residency at the Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix. She has been a faculty member to the rank of Associate Professor at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, The University of Missouri Medical Center at Columbia and the Chicago Medical School where she won numerous awards for outstanding teaching.

She also held the position of Director, International Clinical research for a major pharmaceutical company, in which capacity she travelled internationally for nine years, has visited almost every country in the world, including living in Scotland, Germany and South Africa. Dr. Dorn began a private boutique practice of Biological Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry and Psychoneuroendocrinology in Phoenix in 1987. In recent years, Janice has tumed her attention to trading, mentoring and commentary in the financial markets, with emphasis on Behavioral Finance, Mass Psychology and Trading Psychology. She is the author of over 150 publications, including 70 online publications relating to psychology, mass psychology, and behavioral finance. She writes a regular column on Trading Wisdom for, a site for which she provides real time and personal coaching for more than 1,000 traders and investors.




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