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Hi Everyone! It has been a month or so since I have written to you, and most of you know why. For all of our new subscribers, please be aware that I have been in intensive preparation for The Quantum Wealth/Quantum Living Seminar. The first seminar was January 6-7, was completely sold out and an amazing success. The final presentation is February 24 and 25, and is nearly sold out.

Additionally, I have been studying volumes of information in order to bring you the latest, most creative and original work on the Neuropsychology of Trading, so please stay tuned as you will soon see writings from me which will motivate and inspire you to learn more about yourself in order to take yourself to higher and higher levels of trading success. I am working for you behind the scenes right now, but am getting ready to take the stage again.

Many of you are making a lot of money right now, and may have anxiety about it. This is what happens often with success. After a long stream of quiet or even losing, money seems to flow effortlessly into your account. You love it, but, at some level, you do not believe it. Remember, your brain is hard-wired ( the connections you have at birth) and soft-wired ( all those messages you receive during life telling you that you are not good enough, that you don't deserve to have anything and that you will never be successful). Don't listen to any of this. Celebrate your success. Be grateful for what you have earned and do not doubt or be in fear about it. Replace any and all rat brain fears with faith that, not only can you do it, but that you deserve it. Use your wins to make you stronger and more brave every day.

Take the setups and hold on until the pattern plays out completely, and do not allow yourself to be thrown off balance psychologically so that you freak out of a position just when it really starts to get moving in your favor.

There is a great analogy here with bull riding. Bull riding is among the roughest, most difficult and most competitive of all sports. It is both thrilling and dangerous and requires great skill. Sound a little like trading?

Larry Mahan is one of the greats of professional rodeo and one of the first mainstream media stars. He started competing professionally in 1964, and by 1966 won his first of five consecutive all-around championships in roughstock ( nice analogy with top stock isn't it?) events such as riding broncs and bulls. He is a colorful character who has longish hair, flies his own plane and is totally unafraid to be exactly who he his.

Larry says this about bull riding:

"The key to riding the bull is that, before the gate is open, you need to be positioned properly on the bull. Then, stay as close as possible to the hand that is holding the rope. If you lean too far back, the bull has a tendency to throw you forward over his head." OUCH!

In your trading, the analogy to bull riding is to be positioned properly ( take the setups) and give your positions room to run. Stay close to your position, but, if it is working, do not allow yourself to be thrown from it. There will be ups and downs and bumps and grinds, but- hang on and ride the bull to the end.

Do not listen to your rat brain when it tells you that you can't do it, that it is too scary or that something awful will happen to you if you don't get off the bull right now. Replace this fear with faith that, not only can you hang on and hold the position, but that you are in the running to become a true trading champion.

See you soon, everyone...and I really have missed you more than you know.


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Janice Dorn


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