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Monday, September 25, 2006

Stock Trading

If you trade stocks online, invest in stocks, trade the stock market, looking for advise on how to trade stocks effectively and looking for the tools to effectively trade the stock market. Including the right tools to research for investing, or day trading or swing trading. Including but not limited to penny stocks and high beta momentum then this tutorial is for you. Technical Analysis Update

Mon Sep 25th 2006 @ 07:38:15
Morning Notes

To summarize the weekend update this is going to be the trade of the week. It’s end of month we don’t know if its going to be window smashing or window dressing but there will be rotation that is already starting to take place out of tech stocks while medium term reaction lows are being placed into select commodity related sectors. As I type this
both crude oil and Brent have broken 60 and are in the 59’s.

Oil stocks are sure to gap down on this as the broader market sees this as a positive and will attempt to gap up. (Other commodity related sectors are also weak, gold, silver, natural gas, heating oil, and unleaded gas etc:) downgrades will now start coming across the commodity related sectors and they will appear right at first but guess what?

It’s a little too late.

At some point this week or next the trade will switch “broader market stops dead in its tracks and starts a rapid decline” while anything commodity related start catching a bid. Last week I sent out an alert to sell into strength any broader market stocks, I continue to say that but this time in real BIG CAPITAL LETTERS. Sell strength this week in anything that
follows the broader market especially tech stocks starting with the chips, then the internets and then software and then blue chips, banks etc.

I will continue to point out the countertrend stocks as we shift from coming off the short side in commodity related sectors and start hammering the high beta
over bloated tech stocks.

As mentioned this weekend a few names were SNDK, VSEA, CYMI, AAPL, LRCX, KLAC, etc:. But lets wait a day or two for a little markup in prices before we start on that trade.

If you are long oil, energy, steel, aluminum, gold, silver or any other commodity related stock or sector it’s too late to sell they already dropped to new yearly lows in most cases. Although they will bounce (at the very latest next week maybe sooner) its too early to bottom fish a few of the front runner names right now, but when that time comes we will be all over it. So long story short the trade for the fall will be a flip flop of the summer.

I will be in the trading room about an hour after the open, I have some east coast calls to make and the noon update will come out shortly after that.

So get in the mind set now that the very stocks we shorted all summer are going to be our new longs possibly as soon as next week.


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Stock Charts