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Saturday, April 8th 2006

Weekend Update - Sector Performance

This weekend's update is going to be a little bit different for a change. In the future there shall be a themes to each update. I would like to know what my subscribers are struggling with or subjects that you would like me to discuss. Each update will answer your questions or cover your subject. I want to know what you want discuss. They will be like interactive updates.

Finally, I hope everyone was able to catch the radio show with Doctor Janice and Nick Russo. It was a discussion on the upcoming boom to bust cycle, and why this is going to happen. We can actually track and profit from what he is talking about.

Sector Performance
The best performing sectors this week are the following: $SOX +3.06%
$CRX +2.81%,$XAU +2.72%, $TRAN +2.68%, $HGX +2.31%, $HWI +2.16%
$NDX +1.14%, $RLX +0.95%, $INDU +0.10%, $SPX +0.05%, $MID -0.01%. These are all sectors that I have focused on this week.

Our housing stocks performed well this week. I actually emphasized MTH in updates prior to this week. This week MTH is up over 10% in a flat market. However, this does not mean that you rush out and buy it first thing Monday. MTH outperformed the homebuilder stocks this week.

The SOX has been the best performer so far this month. It appears that some sector rotation is going on. The broader market has been flat. Today was the SPX lowest volume day. Furthermore, today was a red day, it was a failry broad sell off on low volume. Nevertheless, it was a good week for front runner/ portfolio stocks: AAPL, MRVL, SNDK, & ADBE.

The Nasdaq Composite (COMPQ)- Daily Chart

The daily chart of the COMPQ illustrates that it has broken out of an ascending triangle pattern. Today, the COMPQ pulled back on low volume. Indicators and oscillators are bullish and trending and the move up has been supported by increasing volume. However, stochstics are a toppy. Longer term price target is in the 2400's. The COMPQ is stair stepping it's way up. However, this does not mean a license to become over leveraged. Keep your positions balanced within your portfolio.

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Monthly (This Past Week) Performance for April by Sectors Sectors Of Focus This Month So Far. (Best to Worst)

$SOX +3.06%
$CRX +2.81%
$XAU +2.72%
$TRAN +2.68%
$HGX +2.31%
$HWI +2.16%
$NDX +1.14%
$RLX +0.95%
$INDU +0.10%
$SPX +0.05%
$MID -0.01%
$COMPQ -0.03%
$IIX -0.03%
$OEX -0.18%
$UTIL -0.74%
$SML -0.97%
$BTK -4.25%

ETF Performance on Friday.........Link

Hope everyone caught the radio show with Dr. Janice and Nick this morning, it should shed some more light on how the next coming months ahead (and years) will impact us all as we have pointed out in the technical's even more so these past couple weeks (review updates specifically pertaining to the $CRX and the juice factor and what's to follow). Again we have made the 10 hour seminar available to all, that ties in with all the things we will cover over the next 3 years (Quantum Wealth Boom and Bust Cycle Seminar) acceleration of this trend not withstanding. This weekend update is going to be a little different so please pay close attention for those that like to keep up with things that are changing, and at a very rapid clip. It will require audio and actually "listening", no this is not a

Homebuilders this past week
Homebuilders Update

High Beta Momentum Stocks
High beta momentum stock update

Stock Sub-Sector Performance On Friday (Only the UP sectors highlighted here for reasons the voice over update will explain)
Fridays subsector performance




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