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Thursday, April 20, 2006

April 17th 2006

Morning Update - SINA, RYL, SU, FLML, MRVL, FSL, & NEM (SINA)- Monthly Chart

As you can see, SINA has broken out above the down trend line and back tested the down trend line on the monthly chart. It has taken out the trend line going all the way back to 2004. Furthermore, SINA has gone through all of it's corrective modes. Since SINA has broken out, a lot of other stocks will follow. This breakout will bring a lot of momentum into the stock. It also has high short interest which will also propel SINA higher. The MACD is bottoming. I believe significant gains are ahead.

Ryland Group, Inc. (RYL) - Monthly Chart
RYL reports today. The monthly chart shows that there is no bearish divergence in the MACD. It has a five dollar Intraday trading range. As you can see from this chart, wave 5 is higher at $100.00 to $140.00.

Sunocor Energy (SU) - Monthly Chart
SU is an energy front runner stock. The monthly chart shows that SU is absolutely parabolic. I have issued a sell alert on this stock. at $75.62 which was a gain of 20.51%.

Flamel Technologies S. A. FLML- Monthly Chart

Sometimes we can get shaken out of a stock. I suggested selling it at $20.00. The monthly chart looks like it is going higher.

Marvell Technology Group, Ltd (MRVL)- Monthly Chart

As you can see by looking at the daily chart, MRVL has been trading in a wave (3) to (4) corrective channel. MRVL looks to go higher. It is a strong stock.

Freescale Semiconductor Inc. (FSL)- Monthly Chart

The monthly chart of FSL illustrates that it is trading in a bullish channel. Sell FSL into strength at the upper trend line. We may possibly sell it today. I will issue a sell alert on it.

Newmont Mining (NEM) - Monthly Chart

The monthly chart illustrates that NEM hit a new all time high today in the $60.00 area. As you can see from the monthly chart, NEM has completed a wave 3 to 4 correction. It hit the long term uptrend line and reversed. It looks like it is headed towards resistance at the old high. I do not own it, but I am rooting for NEM.


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RYL Stock Chart
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FLML Stock Chart
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