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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Morning Update - BMHC, NTLI, PXLW, QSII, & SWSI

Building Materials Holding Corp. (BMHC)- Monthly Chart

The monthly chart of BMHC illustrates that it is in a wave 3 to 4 pullback. BMHC will report this morning. However, it could pull back more to form a deeper wedge. Confirmation of the breakout will occur around $38.00. Keep your position small. Indicators are in a wave 3 to 4 pullback also. This is not a position suited for short term traders.

NTL Inc.(NTLI)- Monthly Chart
The monthly chart of NTLI illustrates that it is in a 2 year slim jim. Breakout will occur once it takes out resistance at $29.52. Confirmation traders will have to wait for the breakout. Slim jims typically rally from the direction they are formed/created. In this case, it would be up, because it is created from a rally. The break out move can be explosive. This is not a trade for short term traders. The pattern is better for medium to long traders. Indicators and oscillators are bullish.

Pixelworks, Inc. (PXLW) - Weekly Chart
The weekly chart of PXLW illustrates that it is in a large falling wedge pattern. PXLW also reports today. I do not usually follow fundamentals, but in this case I do. Their market cap is equal to the revenue they generate. Their revenue is 200 million a year. If PXLW rallies from this point, that would bring on a 50% or 65% move, which would be double form here. Now, remember confirmation for this buy would be a break out of the wedge. I do not recommend you buy before earnings. However, I am looking to go long from a technical point of view after earnings come out.

Quality Systems, Inc.(QSII) - Daily Chart
The daily chart of QSII shows that it is in a falling wedge pattern. It has broken out of the wedge. However, entry is not until a back test of the wedge is complete. Should that then hold, the next price target is previous resistance at $36.59. This is a fast moving stock and is ideal for short term traders.

Superior Well Service (SWSI)- Daily Chart
The daily chart illustrates that it is forming a bullish pennant. Should SWSI pull back to support at $30.41, then that would be the buy area. Do not buy before that, and only if it holds at support. Indicators and oscillators are pulling back. This is in the energy sector.

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