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Friday, July 7, 2006

Stock Trading

If you trade stocks online, invest in stocks, trade the stock market, looking for advise on how to trade stocks effectively and looking for the tools to effectively trade the stock market. Including the right tools to research for investing, or day trading or swing trading. Including but not limited to penny stocks and high beta momentum then this tutorial is for you. Technical Analysis Update

This is an ALERT SERVICE, if you aren't getting alerts for entry, exits and stop/loss which are ONLY sent via e-mail, you are missing 1/2 the service. On the members homepage we give a "guide line on stops" but its not the end all be all. Sometimes we can see if the stock is a pump and dump and you might be told to HOLD position. If you aren't getting need to contact and get that straightened out ASAP, tomorrow will be a VERY active volatile day!! Do not get left behind.

Reason why some are not getting alerts--Food for thought (Do nothing about this at your own risk)

#1 reason you spelled yahoo wrong. Its not [email protected] (That is the ticker symbol not the e-mail address)

#2 You are using very advanced spam mail and don't have our servers programmed in to allow them to go through "" We own our own servers and are not blacklisted or ever accused of spam so they should all go through.

#3 You inverted numbers or letters and it get's bounced back to us

#4. You accidentally hit "unsubscribe" thinking it was the link to the update,

#5 Currently 30 of our subscribers who login every day have disable alerts. "news flash" 1/2 the content that comes from this site you can only get via e-mail. It's not on the homepage anywhere. You might be trading in the dark and not know what's going on until well after the fact and what happens if that trade gained 30% in a single day.........that could have made up for a couple ones that didn't work out so well.

#6. All alerts when it comes to entry, exit, target are always sent via e-mail, without an e-mail alert the portfolio remains the same and you might not know why until well after you traded yourself out of the position.

Stock Charts
Stock Charts
Stock Charts
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