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Current 2007 Trading Records and Results

Thursday Nat made 7 scalping calls for a net gain of 14.75 points. Total last week: 31.50 points. Year to date: 928.75

trading eminis

  • (Bio)--Polly Dampier (Naturus) holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Ryerson University in Toronto. She started learning futures trading in 1992 while she was a business consultant to food companies in Canada and international trading companies in China. After 2000 she focused on trading the e-mini, and developed her own trading method, the NatLine system, which combines elements of pattern recognition, Fibonacci calculations, Elliott wave, Taylors LSS method, the Murray Math Line method and others trading method. The NatLine system is complex, but provides remarkably accurate calls on intra-day reversals and continuances in the S&P e-mini market.
  • Subscribers to her room receive real-time market calls, as well as her daily trading plan, the pivot calculation tool, a trading journey record sheet, and reading lists. (PDF File Trading Plan)
  • The daily trading plan, based on an analysis of the previous days market activity as viewed through the NatLine system, is an essential trading tool. It allows traders to prepare for the coming days trading by identifying in advance key price points that lead to high-probability trades. The trading plan is useful for both active day traders making short-term intra-day trades and for position traders who are not able to monitor the market minute-by-minute. Some traders using these methods often capture 10 points per week under normal trading circumstances.
  • The Pivot calculation tool is a spreadsheet used to calculate the daily pivot number, resistance and support points, and Fibonacci levels, which help identify reversals or continuances, and predict points at which prices are most likely to stop and reverse.
  • The trading journey record sheet is a spreadsheet which encourages traders to record their trades and explain the reasons why they entered or exited a trade. The record allows traders to recognize common patterns in their trading, and identify reasons for success or failure, the first step toward consistent success.
  • From time to time Naturus recommends additional reading that will help day traders improve their win percentage and reduce their losses.
  • Futures traders, including investment managers and market professionals, are profiting from the uncanny accuracy of the detailed market calls Naturus makes in her E-mini Futures Room.
  • Every day Nat develops a daily trading plan that tells her members before the market opens what to expect during the session: areas of support and resistance, likely patterns of price activity, time periods when certain kinds of price movement regularly occur, economic reports that may move the market, specific entry points and exit targets that that offer high returns and trading strategies that reduce losses.
  • Nats calls are based on the NatLine system, a proprietary analysis method that combines elements of pattern recognition, Gann lines, Fibonacci calculations, Elliott wave, Taylors LSS method, the Murrey Math Line method and other trading systems.
    All of these methods are well known, but Nat combines them in an unusual way and modifies them using calculations she has developed after closely observing the market for many years.
  • The result is a system provides remarkably accurate calls on intra-day reversals and continuances in the S&P e-mini futures market. For example: During real-time trading hours, NatLine associates times to act major intraday support and resistance levels. It predicts which direction price moves and when should be expected price could move in which direction.
  • Then during the course of the trading session she advises members in real-time when specific targets are reached or price patterns form that offer short-term trading opportunities. These calls are extremely accurate, and traders who follow them carefully are making substantial profits. This table shows the results for the day this material was prepared.
  • Performance On Mar.15, 2005--Example (PDF File Alert)
  • Daytrading Performance
  • 9:40am Long @1213.75 Sell @1215.00 +1.25
  • 10:04am Short @1214.25 Cover @1212 +2.25
  • 10:10am Long @1212.25 Sell @1214.50 +2.25
  • 11:28am Short @1213 Cover @1208.00 +5.00
  • 11:50pm Long @1208.50 Sell @1209.50 +1.00
  • 12:52pm Short @1209.25 Cover @1205.50 +3.75
  • 14:00pm Short @1206.25 Cover @1204 +2.25
  • 14:17pm Long @1206.50 Sell @1205.50 -1.00
  • 15.10pm Short @1205.75 Cover @1205.50 +3.25
  • Intraday Position Trading Performance
  • Total
  • +20 Points Day Trading


Daily trading plans and results

  • The daily trading plan allows traders to prepare for each days trading by identifying in advance key price points that lead to high-probability trades.
  • Members have access to the daily trading plan before the market opens, and the daily performance review for the same day after the market closes.
  • Nat discusses the trading plan with members before the market opens in a live, two-way converstion in her trading room
  • During the course of the day, she then adjusts the trading plan in response to market activity, and makes real-time calls that alert traders to specific short-term scalping opportunities.
  • Those calls and the outcome of each call are shown in the results. Normally, Nat makes between five and 10 calls each day.
  • In addition, the trading plan includes intra-day position trades for traders who can not (or choose not) to monitor the market continuously during the day.
  • There is an abbreviated description of how to use the trading plan and a discussion of trading strategies here.
  • The table contains links to recent trading plans and the results of each day's calls.

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Some Examples Results Below

Date Sept. 30>> Emini Trading Plan>>Plan Results of Trading the Eminis>> Result

Date Sept. 29 >> Emini Trading Plan>>Plan Results of Trading the Eminis>> Result

Date Sept. 28 >> Emini Trading Plan>>Plan Results of Trading the Eminis>> Result

Date Sept. 27 >> Emini Trading Plan>>Plan Results of Trading the Eminis>> Result

Date Sept. 26 >> Emini Trading Plan>>Plan Results of Trading the Eminis>> Result


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