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Stock Market Index Charts

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$TNX 10 Year Treasury Note Yield
$UST 10-Year US Treasury Note Price (EOD)
$USTU 2-Year US Treasury Note Price (EOD)
$TYX 30-Year T-Bond Yield
$USB 30-Year US Treasury Bond Price (EOD)
$IRX 3-Month T-Bill Yield
$FVX 5 Year Treasury Note Yield
$USFV 5-Year US Treasury Note Price (EOD)
$GKX Agricultural Prices - Goldman Sachs Commodity Index
$ALUM Aluminum - Continuous Contract (EOD)
$AMHILO AMEX - 10 Day MA of Record High Percent Index
$RHXAX AMEX - Record High Percent Index
$AMTOT AMEX - Total Active Symbols
$AMUPV AMEX - Volume Advancing
$AMDNV AMEX - Volume Declining
$AMUDU AMEX - Volume Unchanged
$AMAD AMEX Advance-Decline Issues
$AMUD AMEX Advance-Decline Volume
$IXB AMEX Basic Industries Select Sector
$AMHL AMEX New Highs-New Lows
$AMTV AMEX Total Volume
$AORD Australia ASX All Ords Composite
$ATX Austria ATX Index (Vienna)
$BUX B2B Internet HOLDRS Index - AMEX
$BANK Bank Index - Nasdaq
$BKX Bank Index - Philadelphia
$IBH Biotech HOLDRS Index - AMEX
$BTK Biotechnology Index - AMEX
$NBI Biotechnology Index - Nasdaq
$BVSP Brazilian Bovespa Stock Index
$BXM Buywrite Monthly Index - CBOE
$CND Canada Index - Nasdaq
$CDW Canadian Dollar Index
$CZH China Index - AMEX
$RMP Cohen & Steers Realty Majors Index
$IXCO Combined-Computer Index - Nasdaq
$CRX Commodity Related Equity Index - Morgan Stanley
$CCC Commodity TRAKRS Index
$HWI Computer Hardware Index - AMEX
$GHA Computer Hardware Index - GSTI
$GSO Computer Software Index - GSTI
$IXY Consumer Discretionary Select Sector - AMEX
$CMR Consumer Index - Morgan Stanley AMEX
$IXR Consumer Staples Select Sector - AMEX
$COPPER Copper Futures - COMEX
$CRB CRB (Commodities Research Bureau) Index
$CTN CSFB Technology Index
$CYC Cyclicals Index - Morgan Stanley
$DFI Defense Index - AMEX
$DFX Defense Index - Philadelphia
$KFX Denmark KFX Stock Index
$DXE Deutsche Bank Energy Index
$DDX Disk Drive Index - AMEX
$RXS Drug Index - Philadelphia
$RPE Electric Power & Natural Gas Infrastructure Index - AMEX
$IXE Energy Index - AMEX
$NYE Energy Index - NYSE
$GJX Energy Prices - Goldman Sachs Commodity Index
$DGE Equal Weighted Pharmaceutical - AMEX
$ETX Euro Currency TRAKRS Index
$EKI Europe 2001 HOLDRS Index - AMEX
$EUR European Top 100
$IXF Financial 100 Index - Nasdaq
$NYK Financial Index - NYSE
$IXM Financial Select Sector - AMEX
$FFX Fortune 500 Index - AMEX
$CAC French CAC 40 Index
$FXT FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index
$DAX German DAX Composite
$GOLD Gold - Continuous Contract (EOD)
$HUI Gold Bugs Index - AMEX
$GDM Gold Miners Index - AMEX
$GLX Gold TRAKRS Index
$ATG Greece General Share (Athens)
$GTC GSTI Composite Index
$HXC Halter USX China Index
$HMO Health Care Payor - Morgan Stanley
$RXP Health Care Products Index - Morgan Stanley
$RXH Health Care Provider Index - Morgan Stanley
$NYP Healthcare Index - NYSE
$IXV HealthCare Select Sector - AMEX
$HKX Hong Kong 30 Stock Index
$HSI Hong Kong Hang Seng
$HKO Hong Kong Option Index
$HGX Housing Index - Philadelphia
$BSE India Bombay Stock Exchange 30 Composite
$INDS Industrial Index - Nasdaq
$GYX Industrial Metal Prices - Goldman Sachs Commodity Index
$IXI Industrial Select Sector - AMEX
$INSR Insurance Index - Nasdaq
$NYI International 100 Index - NYSE
$ADR International Market Index
$HHI Internet HOLDRS Index - AMEX
$INX Internet Index - CBOE
$GIN Internet Index - GSTI
$IIX Internet Index - Interactive Week
$DOT Internet Index - Philadelphia
$RUF ISE Homebuilders Index
$MIBTEL Italy MITBEL Index (Milan)
$JPN Japan Index - AMEX
$KSE Karachi Stock Exchange 100 Index
$KSX KBW Capital Markets Index
$KIX KBW Insurance Index - Philadelphia
$GVX Livestock Prices - Goldman Sachs Commodity Index
$FTGM London Financial Times Gold Mines Index
$FTSE London Financial Times Index
$LIBOR London Interbank Offered Rate - 1 month
$LSH Long-Short Technology TRAKRS II Index
$MLH Long-Short Technology TRAKRS Index
$LUXNI Lux Nanotech Index
$MIB Milan Stock Exchange 30 Index
$HBS Morgan Stanley Basket of Homebuilder Companies Index
$MVB Morgan Stanley Biotech Index
$MSH Morgan Stanley High Tech 35 Index
$MOX Morgan Stanley Internet Index
$MGO Morgan Stanley Oil Services Index
$MVR Morgan Stanley Retail Index
$GIP Multimedia Networking Index - GSTI
$NAHILO Nasdaq - 10 Day MA of Record High Percent Index
$NAADV Nasdaq - Issues Advancing
$NADEC Nasdaq - Issues Declining
$NAADU Nasdaq - Issues Unchanged
$NAHGH Nasdaq - New Highs
$NALOW Nasdaq - New Lows
$RHCOMPQ Nasdaq - Record High Percent Index
$NATOT Nasdaq - Total Active Symbols
$TRANQ Nasdaq - Transportation Index
$NAUPV Nasdaq - Volume Advancing
$NADNV Nasdaq - Volume Declining
$NAUDU Nasdaq - Volume Unchanged
$QIV Nasdaq 100 After Hours Indicator (AHI)
$BPNDX Nasdaq 100 Bullish Percent Index
$RHNDX Nasdaq 100 High-Low Index
$NDX Nasdaq 100 Index
$QMI Nasdaq 100 Pre-Market Indicator (PMI)
$NDXHILO Nasdaq 100 Stocks - 10 Day MA of Record High Percent Index
$NDXA150 Nasdaq 100 Stocks Above 150 Day Moving Average
$NDXA200 Nasdaq 100 Stocks Above 200 Day Moving Average
$NDXA50 Nasdaq 100 Stocks Above 50 Day Moving Average
$NAAD Nasdaq Advance-Decline Issues
$NAUD Nasdaq Advance-Decline Volume
$COMPQ Nasdaq Composite
$TRINQ Nasdaq Composite - Short-Term Trading Arms Index (TRIN)
$TICKQ Nasdaq Composite - Tick
$BPCOMPQ Nasdaq Composite Bullish Percent Index
$NAMO Nasdaq McClellan Oscillator (Ratio Adjusted)
$NAHLR Nasdaq New High/Low Ratio
$NAHL Nasdaq New Highs-New Lows
$NASI Nasdaq Summation Index (Ratio Adjusted)
$NATV Nasdaq Total Volume
$NATGAS Natural Gas - Continuous Contract NYMEX (EOD)
$AEX Netherlands Amsterdam Exchange Index
$NWX Networking Index - AMEX
$NCMP NMS Composite Index - Nasdaq
$NIND NMS Industrial Index - Nasdaq
$NMUNI Nuveen Municipal Closed-End Exchage-Traded Fund Index
$NYHILO NYSE - 10 Day MA of Record High Percent Index
$NYADV NYSE - Issues Advancing
$NYDEC NYSE - Issues Declining
$NYADU NYSE - Issues Unchanged
$NYHGH NYSE - New Highs
$NYLOW NYSE - New Lows
$RHNYA NYSE - Record High Percent Index
$TRIN NYSE - Short-Term Trading Arms Index (TRIN)
$NYTOT NYSE - Total Active Symbols
$NYUPV NYSE - Volume Advancing
$NYDNV NYSE - Volume Declining
$NYUDU NYSE - Volume Unchanged
$NYAD NYSE Advance-Decline Issues
$NYUD NYSE Advance-Decline Volume
$BPNYA NYSE Bullish Percent Index
$NYA NYSE Composite Index
$NYMO NYSE McClellan Oscillator (Ratio Adjusted)
$NYHLR NYSE New High/Low Ratio
$NYHL NYSE New Highs-New Lows
$NYSI NYSE Summation Index (Ratio Adjusted)
$NYL NYSE World Leaders Index
$OIX Oil Index - CBOE
$OXH Oil Service HOLDRS Index - AMEX
$OSX Oil Services Index - Philadelphia
$OFIN Other Finance Index - Nasdaq
$PALL Palladium Futures
$IPH Pharmaceutical HOLDRS Index - AMEX
$DRG Pharmaceutical Index - AMEX
$MFX Philadelphia Mortgage Finance Index
$PSEC Philippines PSE Composite Index
$PLAT Platinum Futures
$GPX Precious Metal Prices - Goldman Sachs Commodity Index
$PPC PSE Options Put/Call Ratio
$IRH Retail HOLDRS Index - AMEX
$RLG Russell 1000 Growth Index
$RUI Russell 1000 Index
$RLV Russell 1000 Value Index
$RUO Russell 2000 Growth Index
$RUT Russell 2000 Small Cap Index
$RUJ Russell 2000 Value Index
$RAG Russell 3000 Growth Index
$RUA Russell 3000 Index
$RAV Russell 3000 Value Index
$RDG Russell MidCap Growth Index
$RMC Russell Mid-Cap Index
$RMV Russell Mid-Cap Value Index
$RTSI Russian Trading System (RTS) Index
$BPOEX S&P 100 Bullish Percent Index
$RHOEX S&P 100 High-Low Index
$OEX S&P 100 Index
$MID S&P 400 Mid Cap Index
$SML S&P 600 Small Cap Index
$BIX S&P Bank Index
$CEX S&P Chemicals Index
$SPCI S&P Commodity Index
$SPCMI S&P Completion Index
$SPSUPX S&P Composite 1500 Index
$BPDISC S&P Consumer Discretionary Bullish Percent Index
$BPSTAP S&P Consumer Staples Sector Bullish Percent Index
$BPENER S&P Energy Sector Bullish Percent Index
$BPFINA S&P Financial Sector Bullish Percent Index
$IGX S&P Growth Index Cash
$HCX S&P Healthcare Index
$BPHEAL S&P Healthcare Sector Bullish Percent Index
$SPHB S&P Homebuilding Index
$BPINDY S&P Industrials Sector Bullish Percent Index
$IUX S&P Insurance Index
$SPITS S&P Integrated Telecommunications Index
$SGX S&P Largecap 500/Barra Growth Index
$SVX S&P Largecap 500/Barra Value Index
$BPMATE S&P Materials Sector Bullish Percent Index
$MGD S&P Midcap 400/Barra Growth Index
$MUV S&P Midcap 400/Barra Value Index
$RLX S&P Retail Index
$CKG S&P Smallcap 600/Barra Growth Index
$CVK S&P Smallcap 600/Barra Value Index
$BPINFO S&P Technology Sector Bullish Percent Index
$BPTELE S&P Telecom Services Sector Bullish Percent Index
$BPUTIL S&P Utilities Sector Bullish Percent Index
$IVX S&P Value Index Cash
$SPTSES S&P/TSX Smallcap Index
$CDNX S&P/TSX Venture (CDNX) Composite Index
$FLD Select 50 TRAKRS Index
$SIS Semiconductor Index - AMEX
$GSM Semiconductor Index - GSTI
$SOX Semiconductor Index - Philadelphia
$GSV Services Index - GSTI
$SSEC Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index
$SILVER Silver - Continuous Contract (EOD)
$STI Singapore Straits Times Index
$SAX Slovakia SAX Index (Bratislava)
$KOSPI South Korea Seoul Composite
$DXS Spade Defense Index - AMEX
$SMSI Spain General Index (Madrid)
$SMI Swiss Market Index
$TWII Taiwan Weighted Index
$TXX Technology Index - CBOE
$PSE Technology Index - PSE
$IXT Technology Select Sector - AMEX
$TA100 Tel Aviv 100 Index
$TA25 Tel Aviv 25 Index
$PHN Telecommunications Index - AMEX
$IXTC Telecommunications Index - Nasdaq
$SETI Thailand Set Index
$TOB Tobacco Index - AMEX
$NIKK Tokyo Nikkei Average
$USD US Dollar Index (End of Day)
$IXU Utilities Select Sector - AMEX
$UTY Utility Index - Philadelphia
$VLE Value Line Arithmetic Index
$VXD Volatility Index - DJIA
$VXN Volatility Index - Nasdaq
$QQV Volatility Index - Nasdaq 100 Trust
$VIX Volatility Index - New Methodology
$VXO Volatility Index - Original Formula

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