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Here’s how to reach us at Trending123:

By email:
By phone: 1-866-363-5769
By mail: P.O. Box 3805 Lancaster, PA 17604-3805

Meet John Lansing, Your Guide to Sudden Profits:

John Lansing is not some typical Wall Street insider, cozying up to investment bankers and fat-cat CEOs.  In fact, he started his career as a restaurant manager in middle America.  But his penchant for numbers, photographic memory and a burning desire to “make good” led him to his true calling — technical trading.

Today, John still stays as far away from Wall Street as he can get, living with his four dogs in Oklahoma.  As he puts it, “I love being a country bumpkin — a rich country bumpkin.”

John Lansing turned his successful trading practice into a full-time service for investors back in 1999, because all his charts pointed to a NASDAQ collapse, and he wanted to get the word out as best he could.  And in the summer of 2006 — when everyone else was still pushing energy stocks — he told Trending123 subscribers to “get out” before the hedge fund meltdown sent those stocks tumbling.

At Trending123, John typically works 15-hour days on your behalf, tirelessly tracking 238 different sectors, and sub-sectors, of the market — over 16,000 different investment vehicles — to find winning trades for investors like you.

But John doesn’t set unrealistic expectations, like so many so-called gurus who promise a wealth of money-doublers.  After all, they come few and far between.  Instead he helps you target sudden profits — stocks that you can get in and out of quickly for 10%–30% gains, like these past winners:

Superior Well Services, up 18.10% in 1 week;  Suncor Energy, up 20.51% in 1 month;  Berry Petroleum; up 27.20% in 6 weeks;  Garmin, up 26.31% in 1 month;  Air T, inc, up 39.33% in 30 days;  Research in Motion; up 21.24% in 2 days;  among many, many others.

Sometimes your gains will be much larger than that, like John’s trade in Phazer Corp — a 79.41% winner.  Or Central European Distribution, which we held 3 months for 49.49% profits.

But what John’s really after — and his promise to you — is a continual stream of winning trades that all combine to double your money over and over again, building your wealth relentlessly over time.

Find out how John can help you target sudden profits too.

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We urge members to check out our message boards, Trading Room and FAQs for answers to the most commonly asked questions.  There’s a good chance the answer you’re looking for can be found there.  You can also contact us via email at .

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Stock quotes, stock research, stock scan and picks and free stock chart pattern recognition from Trending for smart stock market investing. We feature daily stock market email alerts including equities, indices, and currencies, identified through technical analysis trends patterns and waves. Sign up today!

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We work, literally, day and night to grow your portfolio, to provide you with the best trading setups and to respond to your every need in terms of the market. Our analysis and stock recommendations hit price targets, consistently. Day after day, and week after week Using a proprietary combination of technical analysis techniques, including Aroon, WM% and PPO, combined with an in depth knowledge of Elliott Wave Theory, provides you with charts which will make your investment life simple  Free Trial stock calls