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Welcome to the Internet's leading resource for current, up to the minute information on Asset Protection
Specializing in the protection of wealth, Asset Protection Corporation is expert on all domestic and foreign asset protection techniques including asset protection trusts and family limited partnerships. This site offers free information regarding asset protection trusts, family limited partnerships, offshore trusts foreign trusts offshore banks bank accounts tax havens, bankruptcy divorce estate planning pre-nuptial agreements fraudulent conveyances contempt of court orders secrecy laws the litigation explosion tax planning expatriation bank secrecy taxation foreign bank accounts fincen cercla and all other techniques to protect your home car stocks and bonds from seizure by any creditor including the IRS (internal revenue service). This site also provides information on the popular asset protection and tax haven jurisdictions including The Cook Islands, Belize, The Cayman Islands, Bermuda and The Bahamas. You can subscribe to a free newsletter and receive specific answers to specific questions, all for free. Asset Protection Consulting.

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