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Financial Investigation Arab World (1)

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Access the facts and figures to make business decisions with confidence
Cedar Rose provides an external information solution, ensuring your company trades successfully and securely with business partners in Arabic speaking countries. We bridge the language and protocol barriers to supply you with accurate business intelligence from credible sources within the region. Professional decisions concerning export deals, credit insurance risks, financial investments, mergers, acquisitions and, joint venture projects in the Middle East, Gulf or African countries can be made with confidence, secure in the knowledge that you have accurate and current information at your fingertips. When business relationships are challenged, Cedar Rose can often assist with the more sensitive details needed for debt collection or litigation proceedings. Cedar Rose have earned the respect and trust of a loyal international clientele for the discretion used during investigations, the meticulous research undertaken and the ability to adhere strictly to deadlines. All information provided will be treated in strictest confiden Financial Investigation Arab World.

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