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Funds Investment Management (4)

Looking for Funds and Investment Management? Examine our Investment Management Funds links below. Add Your Link.:

Bachow & Associates' - Innovative Investors
Funds managed by Bachow & Associates have provided expansion capital to exciting and growing companies. We manage over $200 million in investment funds targeting equity transactions of $5 million to $25 million. Funds Investment Management.

No-load growth funds
The Bramwell Funds are no-load growth funds managed by Bramwell Capital Management, Inc. The Bramwell Growth Fund (BRGRX) is diversified and the Bramwell Focus Fund (BRFOX) is non-diversified. Both seek long-term capital growth. Our focus is on growth equities which we view as the investment vehicle of choice for achieving long-term capital appreciation. Funds Investment Management.

The Davis Funds. We seek to invest in durable, well-managed businesses that can be purchased at value prices and held for the long term. Davis Advisors has a history of delivering strong and consistent investment results through full-market cycles Funds Investment Management.

Desai Capital Management Incorporated - Equity Investors in Growth Companies
An investment firm focused on sponsoring acquisitions or recapitalizations of proven growth companies as well as providing later-stage venture capital to companies with attractive long-term growth prospects. Industries in which have prior investment experience and continuing interest include consumer products (including specialty retail & restaurants), telecommunications & media, business and consumer services (including direct marketing) and financial services. Funds Investment Management.

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