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Commodity Consultants, LLC
Commodity Consultants, LLC is dedicated to assisting firms in the hedge fund and commodity futures industries with the start-up of their operations and ongoing compliance matters. Our services include consultation on the creation of new entities, assistance in the preparation of offering memorandums and commodity trading advisor disclosure documents, monthly accounting, examinations of financial records and internal office controls, and implementation of appropriate compliance measures. Depending on their needs, our clients realize various benefits from engaging our services. The most common benefit cited by our clients is a reduction in business costs. Outsourcing compliance needs may eliminate a firm's employing a full-time compliance officer or chief financial officer. Second, having our firm handle much of the start-up and ongoing work leaves our clients with time to focus on trading, investing, or working on other business matters. Third, many of our clients find our experience is in a niche area that they needed but were unable to find with other consulting, accounting, or legal firms Hedge Funds Futures Options Commodities.

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