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Venture Capital Capitalization (2)

Looking for Venture Capital and Capitalization? Examine our Capitalization Venture Capital links below. Add Your Link.:

The Aurora Funds is a venture capital firm that provides capital, connections and strategic guidance to entrepreneurs
The Aurora Funds is a family of venture capital funds committed to providing resources to help early stage life sciences and information technology companies reach their full potential. Aurora’s investment team has the experience, strategic relationships and capital to help companies accelerate their growth and gain a strong competitive advantage in their market space. Venture Capital Capitalization.

Seed and Early Stage Venture Capital Since 1982
AVI Management Partners III (AVI Management) is the General Partner of a family of professionally-managed venture capital partnerships specializing in seed and early-stage investments in high-technology companies positioned for high growth segments of the Information Technologies market. Active participation in the seed and start-up phases has been a hallmark of the AVI general partners. In addition to capital, we bring extensive operating experience and a network of contacts in the financial, business, and technical worlds to assist the emerging company to develop its full potential. Venture Capital Capitalization.

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