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Aroon Oscillator stock market trading chart pattern research
Saturday, July 2, 2005

Stock Trading

If you trade stocks online, invest in stocks, trade the stock market, looking for advise on how to trade stocks effectively and looking for the tools to effectively trade the stock market. Including the right tools to research for investing, or day trading or swing trading. Including but not limited to penny stocks and high beta momentum then this tutorial is for you.


Technical Analysis


Developed by Tushar Chande in 1995, Aroon is an indicator system that can be used to determine
whether a stock is trending or not and how strong the trend is. "Aroon" means "Dawn's Early Light"
in Sanskrit and Chande choose that name for this indicator since it is designed to reveal the beginning
of a new trend.

The Aroon indicator system consists of two lines, 'Aroon(up)' and 'Aroon(down)'. It takes a single parameter
which is the number of time periods to use in the calculation. Aroon(up) is the amount of time (on a percentage basis)
that has elapsed between the start of the time period and the point at which the highest price during that time
period occurred. If the stock closes at a new high for the given period, Aroon(up) will be +100. For each
subsequent period that passes without another new high, Aroon(up) moves down by an amount equal to
(1 / # of periods) x 100.

Technical Analysis