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Stock Market Archived Updates -Examples

Chart Patterns

Chart Pattern Education

We have 2 different types of primary trends. As mentioned, they are the Bullish trend reversal and the Bearish trend reversal.

Technical Analysis Glossary Learn More About Technical Analysis

Impulse waves up and Corrective waves down Learn More

Classic is a term used to refer to a group of patterns that typically have a longer-term horizon (greater than 12 days) and which have distinct price swings such that the price swings form distinctive patterns. The names of classic patterns often reflect the shape of the formation such as the Double Top, Double Bottom, Head and Shoulders Top, Ascending Triangle and so on.


Ascending Continuation Triangle Chart Pattern
Bottom Triangle Chart Pattern
Continuation Diamond (Bullish) Chart Pattern
Continuation Wedge (Bullish) Chart Pattern
Cup with Handle Chart Pattern
Diamond Bottom Chart Pattern
Double Bottom Chart Pattern
Flag (Bullish) Chart Pattern
Head and Shoulders Bottom Chart Pattern
Megaphone Bottom Chart Pattern
Pennant (Bullish) Chart Pattern
Rounded Bottom
Symmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bullish) Chart Pattern
Triple Bottom Chart Pattern
Upside Breakout Chart Pattern


Continuation Diamond (Bearish) Stock Chart Pattern
Continuation Wedge (Bearish) Stock Chart Pattern
Descending Continuation Triangle Stock Chart Pattern
Diamond Top Stock Chart Pattern
Double Top Stock Chart Pattern
Downside Breakout Stock Chart Pattern
Flag (Bearish) Stock Chart Pattern
Head and Shoulders Top Stock Chart Pattern
Megaphone Top Stock Chart Pattern
Pennant (Bearish) Stock Chart Pattern
Rounded Top Stock Chart Pattern
Symmetrical Continuation Triangle (Bearish) Stock Chart Pattern
Top Triangle Stock Chart Pattern
Triple Top Stock Chart Pattern

Short-term Patterns

Short-term patterns are based on the shape and relationship of the candlestick(s) or price bar(s) representing one or multiple consecutive trading days. This includes patterns such as the Hanging Man and the Gap Up. The technical event is the confirmation that the pattern has formed in the price bar(s). These technical events are useful for suggesting possible short-term price movement. They are also useful for supporting or refuting the possible price movement suggested by classic patterns. Short-term patterns are often considered as supplementary information.


Engulfing Line (Bullish) Chart Patterns
Island Bottom Chart Patterns


Engulfing Line (Bearish) Chart Patterns
Island Top Chart Patterns


Gap Down Chart Patterns
Gap Up Chart Patterns
Gravestone Chart Patterns
Hammer Chart Patterns
Hanging Man Chart Patterns
Inverted Hammer Chart Patterns
Shooting Star Chart Patterns


Indicators that are currently supported are based on moving average calculations.

Bullish or Bearish:

Double Moving Average Crossover Chart Patterns
Price Crosses Moving Average Chart Patterns
Triple Moving Average Crossover Chart Patterns


Oscillators are based on mathematical formulas that incorporate historical or recent prices of the stock.

Bullish or Bearish:

Bollinger Bands Chart Patterns
Commodity Channel Index Chart Patterns
Fast Stochastic Chart Patterns
KST (Short-term, Intermediate-term, Long-term) Chart Patterns
MACD Chart Patterns
Momentum Chart Patterns
Relative Strength Index (RSI) Chart Patterns
Slow Stochastic Chart Patterns
Williams %R Chart Patterns


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