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Banco Bradesco S.A. (bank) provides a range of banking and financial products and services in Brazil and internationally to individuals, small to mid-sized companies, and local and international corporations and institutions. Its offers its services and products in two areas, banking services, and insurance, pension plan, and certificated savings plan services. The company's banking services encompass lending and deposit-taking, individual and corporate banking services, credit operations, credit and debit card services, leasing operations, investment banking, international banking, asset management, and consortium services. Its insurance, pension plan, and certificated savings plan services include life and accident insurance, health insurance, automobile insurance, property and casualty insurance, certified savings plans, pension investment contracts, and pension plans, including individual and corporate plans. As of June 30, 2005, Banco Bradesco operated 2917 branches and 22247 automated teller machines. The bank was founded in 1943 as Banco Brasileiro de Descontos S.A. and changed its name to Banco Bradesco S.A. in 1988. Banco Bradesco is headquartered in Osasco, Brazil.


HDFC Bank Limited, a private sector bank, provides financial services to corporations, and middle and upper-income individuals in India. It has three divisions: Wholesale Banking, Retail Banking, and Treasury Operations. The Wholesale Banking division provides loans, deposit products, documentary credits, guarantees, bullion trading, and foreign exchange and derivative products. It also offers cash management services, clearing and settlement services for stock exchanges, tax and other collections for the government, custody services for mutual funds, and correspondent banking services. The Retail Banking division provides various deposit products, as well as loans, bill payment services, gold and silver credit cards, debit cards, third party distribution, investment advisory services, card and automated teller machine (ATM) acquiring transactions, and depositary services. The Treasury Operations division offers foreign exchange and derivative products for its clients. In addition, the bank provides telephone, Internet, and mobile telephone banking services. As of March 31, 2005, it operated 467 branches and 1,147 ATMs in 211 cities. The company was incorporated in 1994 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India.


CorpBanca SA and its subsidiaries provide a range of commercial and retail banking services in Chile. It also offers financial advisory services, mutual fund management, insurance brokerage, and securities brokerage services. The bank accepts savings accounts, checking accounts, and time deposits. It originates commercial loans, mortgage loans, and consumer loans. Mortgage loans include residential mortgages for the purchase of new and existing homes and other mortgages, which are secured by real property owned by the customer. Consumer loans include personal loans, automotive financing, and university and post-graduate education loans. The bank also offers working capital loans, letters of credit, credit and debit cards, interest and exchange rate insurance, Internet and telephone banking, and cash flow management services. It also provides leasing services relating to commercial real estate, vehicles, machinery, and other items to customers. In addition, the bank offers factoring services by purchasing customers' debt portfolios, including bills, notes, and contracts. It invests in the Chilean Central Bank, Chilean government, and corporate securities; marketable debt securities; time deposits and mortgage securities issued by BancoEstado; and time deposits in Chilean institutions. As of December 31, 2004, the bank operated through 63 branches in Chile, which include 25 branches operating under the Corpbanca name, 17 branches under the Bancondell name, and 21 integrated branches under both the Corpbanca and Bancondell names. As of the above date, it also operated 158 automated teller machines. CorpBanca SA was founded in 1871 and is headquartered in Santiago, Chile.


Shinhan Financial Group Co., Ltd. through its subsidiaries, offers various banking and financial services to retail and corporate customers in Korea. Its services include mortgage, small business, and consumer lending, as well as accepting demand, savings, and fixed deposits. The company also offers checking account services, electronic banking and ATM services, bill payment services, payroll and check-cashing services, currency exchange, and wire fund transfer, as well as portfolio/fund management, securities brokerage, investment banking advisory, tax consulting, leasing and equipment financing, real estate management, regional banking, treasury and securities investment, bancassurance, and loan collection and credit reporting services. As of December 31, 2004, the company operated 428 branches in Seoul and its metropolitan area; 322 branches in Kyunggi Province and 6 major cities in Korea; and 155 branches throughout the rest of the country, as well as operated 1,987 cash dispensers and 4,869 automated teller machines. Shinhan Financial Group is headquartered in Jung-Gu, South Korea.


Bancolombia S.A. provides banking products and services to industrial companies, small-and medium sized enterprises, and individuals. It offers traditional banking products and services, such as checking accounts, saving accounts, time deposits, lending, credit cards, and cash management services. The company also provides nontraditional products and services, such as pension banking, bancassurances, international transfers, fiduciary and trust services, leasing, brokerage services, electronic banking, cash management, warehousing services, dollar-denominated products, and investment banking. As of December 31, 2004, Bancolombia operated 377 branch offices operating in 127 cities in Colombia. It provides a portfolio of banking products and services to individuals, such as self-employed persons, employees, housewives, retirees, and students. The company, formerly known as Banco Industrial Colombiano S.A., was incorporated in 1945 and changed its name to Bancolombia S.A. in 1998. Bancolombia is headquartered in Medellin, Colombia.


BANCO MACRO S.A., together with its subsidiaries, provides a range of banking products and services to individuals, entrepreneurs, corporate customers, and governments in Argentina. It offers various retail products and services, including checking and savings accounts, time deposits, credit and debit cards, consumer finance loans, housing loans, auto loans, overdrafts, credit-related products, home and auto insurance coverage, tax collection and utility payments, automated teller machines, and money transfer services. The company also provides personal loans, advances, document discounts, home mortgages, overdrafts and car loans, and credit card loans to its retail customers. In addition, BANCO MACRO offers corporate customers with traditional banking products and services, such as deposits, loans, check cashing advances and factoring, guaranteed loans and credit lines for financing foreign trade, and cash management services. Further, it provides corporate credit cards, trust services, and payroll and financial agency services; and transaction services, including customer collections, payments to suppliers, payroll administration, foreign exchange transactions, foreign trade services, and information services, such as Datanet and Interpyme services to its corporate customers. As of December 31, 2006, BANCO MACRO operated through a network of 433 branches, 721 automated teller machines, and Internet banking. The company was incorporated in 1966. It was formerly known as Banco Macro Bansud S.A. and changed its name to BANCO MACRO S.A. in 2006. BANCO MACRO is headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Banco de Chile and its subsidiaries offer general banking services to corporations, small and mid-sized businesses, and individuals in Chile. It offers commercial loans, including working capital facilities and trade finance, foreign exchange, and capital market services; cash management; and noncredit services, such as payroll and payment services. The company also offers treasury and risk management products to its corporate customers; and credit cards, residential mortgage, auto, and consumer loans, as well as deposit services, such as checking and savings accounts, and time deposits to its individual customers. In addition, through its subsidiaries, it offers various nonbanking financial services, including securities brokerage, mutual fund management, financial advisory services, factoring, general and life insurance brokerage, securitization, and collection and sales services. The company also provides account receipts and instrument collection services, through electronic means. Its international banking services include import and export financing, letters of credit, guarantees and other forms of credit support, as well as currency swaps, banking services, and treasury services. The company's investment portfolio consists of securities issued by the Central Bank, the Chilean Government securities, securities of foreign issuers, securities of local financial institutions, and securities of Chilean corporate issuers. As of December 31, 2004, it operated 224 branches and 1,001 ATMs. The company is headquartered in Santiago, Chile.


Kookmin Bank provides commercial banking services in Korea. It offers various deposit products, including demand deposits, time deposits, savings deposits, certificates of deposit, and foreign currency deposits. The bank provides a range of lending products that comprise mortgage and home equity loans, and other consumer loans, as well as credit cards and trust account management services. In addition, Kookmin invests in Korean treasury securities, as well as debt securities issued by Korean government agencies, local governments or certain government-invested enterprises, and financial institutions. It primarily offers banking services to individuals, and small and medium sized enterprises, as well as corporate customers. As of December 31, 2004, the bank operated 1,144 branches and subbranches in Korea. Kookmin was established in 1963 and is headquartered in Seoul, Korea.


Woori Finance Holdings Co., Ltd. (WFH) operates as a financial holding company in South Korea. It engages in a range of businesses, including commercial banking, credit cards, capital markets activities, international banking, asset management, and bancassurance. The company, through Woori Bank, Kyongnam Bank, and Kwangju Bank, provides a range of commercial and retail banking services to corporate, small and medium sized enterprises, and individuals. Its commercial banking services include lending and deposits services and inter-account transfer services. The company's retail banking services include accepting deposits, such as time deposits, demand deposits, savings deposits, installment deposits, and certificates of deposit; and providing consumer loans, such as general purpose household loans and mortgage loans. It also provides telephone banking, Internet banking, mobile banking, and automated teller machine services. WFH provides credit card services; various international banking services, including foreign exchange services, import and export-related services, offshore lending, syndicated loans, and foreign currency securities investment to domestic customers, and overseas subsidiaries and affiliates of Korean corporations; and commercial banking services in select overseas markets. As of December 31, 2004, WFH operated 934 commercial banking branches. The company's capital markets activities include securities investment and trading, derivatives trading, asset securitization, investment banking, and securities brokerage. WFH provides a range of asset management services, including trust management, investment trust management, and trustee and custodian services relating to securities investment trusts. Its other services include merchant banking, management of national housing fund, and bancassurance. WFH was established in 2001 and is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.


BBVA Banco Frances S.A. provides financial services to corporations and individuals in Argentina. The company offers deposit products, such as current accounts, sight accounts, savings accounts, time deposits, and Cedros. It also offers investment banking products, such as trustees; international banking services, including foreign trade services, such as letters of credit, collections, bank drafts, fund transfers, and foreign currency transactions; and capital market transactions, such as stock exchange brokerage. The company also provides short and medium-term financing, such as overdrafts on demand accounts, personal and mortgage loans, car financing, and credit card financing, as well as offers notes discounted and working capital financing. It also manages pension and retirement funds; provides insurance and insurance advisory services; and offers telephone banking and Internet banking services. The company invests in the securities issued by the Argentine and other governments, and private issuers. As of December 31, 2004, it operated a network of 227 branches and 512 automatic teller machines in 23 provinces of Argentina, as well as in the city of Buenos Aires. The company was founded in 1886. It was formerly known as Banco Frances del Rio de la Plata S.A. and changed its name to BBVA Banco Frances S.A. in 2000. The company is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. BBVA Banco Frances S.A. is a majority owned subsidiary of Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.A.


Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. (BBVA) engages in the retail banking, asset management, private banking, and wholesale banking operations worldwide. Its Retail Banking division provides banking services, including financial services, asset management, and private banking services to private individuals, retailers, and small and medium-sized entities. This division also manages mutual funds, pensions, and insurance brokerage. The company's Wholesale and Investment Banking division offers corporate banking, institutional banking, and transaction services to corporate, governmental, nongovernmental organizations, and institutional investor clients. BBVA also engages in banking, pensions, and insurance activities in Latin American countries, as well as provides investment advice and asset management services to high net worth individuals. The company was incorporated in 1988 and is based in Bilbao, Spain.


Bank of Ireland provides a range of financial services primarily in Ireland and the United Kingdom. These services include checking and deposit services, overdrafts, term loans, mortgages, business and corporate lending, international asset financing, leasing, installment credit, and debt factoring. It also offers foreign exchange facilities, interest and exchange rate hedging instruments, executor, trustee, stockbroking, life assurance and pension. In addition, the bank provides investment fund management, fund administration and custodial services, and financial advisory services, including mergers and acquisitions and underwriting. As of March 31, 2005, the bank operated 314 retail bank branches, of which 260 were in Ireland, 44 in Northern Ireland, and 10 in Britain, as well as operated 1,029 automated teller machines. Bank of Ireland was formed in 1783 and is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.


EuroBancshares, Inc. operates as the holding company for Eurobank that provides commercial banking services in the island of Puerto Rico. The bank engages in generating deposits and originating loans. Its deposit products include checking, savings time, and money market deposits, as well as negotiable order of withdrawal deposits. The bank's loan portfolio comprises real estate, commercial, industrial, construction, consumer, and mortgage loans, as well as lease financing, and other installment and term loans. Eurobank also offers trust and wealth management services, Internet banking, electronic funds transfers, cash management, vault services, loan and deposit sweep accounts, and lock box services. The bank primarily invests in the obligations of the U.S. agency debt securities, state and municipal obligations, the U.S. treasury obligations, and mortgage-backed securities. As of September 30, 2005, Eurobank operated 22 branches in Puerto Rico. In addition, EuroBancshares, through its wholly owned subsidiary, EuroSeguros, Inc., sells automobile, property and casualty, and guaranteed auto protection insurance products. The company was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


First BanCorp operates as the holding company for FirstBank Puerto Rico, which provides various financial services in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and British Virgin Islands. The bank attracts various deposits, including checking accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, and interest bearing and noninterest bearing accounts. It originates residential real-estate loans, commercial real-estate loans, and construction loans, as well as consumer loans that comprise personal, auto, boat, credit card, and small loans. The bank, through its subsidiaries, provides finance leases, vehicle rental, insurance products, and foreign sales corporation management services. In addition, the company offers insurance products and services through its other wholly owned subsidiary, FirstBank Insurance Agency, Inc. Further, First BanCorp invests in Puerto Rico government obligations, the U.S. treasury securities, obligations of other U.S. government agencies, mortgage-backed securities, corporate bonds, and equity securities. The company is headquartered in Santurce, Puerto Rico.


Popular, Inc., a financial holding company, provides various financial services primarily in Puerto Rico and the United States. The company, through its principal subsidiary, Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, offers a range of individual and commercial banking services in Puerto Rico. It also provides investment banking, auto and lease financing, mortgage and consumer lending, insurance, and information processing through its other subsidiaries. As of July 15, 2005, Popular, Inc. operated 280 branches and offices in Puerto Rico. The company also operates the Hispanic-owned financial services franchise, Banco Popular North America, which provides various financial solutions in the United States. It operated approximately 135 branches in California, Texas, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, and Florida, as well as 112 financial services stores under the name of Popular Cash Express, as of July 15, 2005. In addition, the company, through its finance subsidiary, Popular Financial Holdings, operated approximately 200 retail lending locations offering mortgage and personal loans in the United States, as of the above date. It also maintains a wholesale broker network, a warehouse lending division, loan servicing, and an assets acquisition unit. Popular, Inc. also operates in the Caribbean and Latin America. The company was founded in 1917 and is headquartered in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico.