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Perdigao S.A. and its subsidiaries engage in the production and distribution of meat and poultry products in Brazil and internationally. Its poultry line products include frozen and seasoned whole and cut poultry, and other processed products, such as specialty and frozen meats. The poultry products also include chickens, turkeys, quail, and Chester. The company's pork line products include processed meats, such as hams, salamis, sausages, and bolognas; and unprocessed products, such as cuts, ribs, whole carcasses, and other cuts. It also supplies feed, as well as necessary medication, technical assistance, and genetic material for poultry and pork raising farms. In addition, the company processes and sells frozen pasta, frozen vegetables, and soybean derivatives. Perdigao was founded in 1900 and is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Sadia S.A. operates in the agro industrial and food processing sectors in Brazil. It primarily produces a range of processed products, poultry, and pork. The company's products include frozen, refrigerated, salted, and smoked pork cuts; lard, bacon, and ingredients for feijoada; frozen and refrigerated pork and chicken giblets; whole frozen and seasoned chickens; frozen and refrigerated poultry cuts and parts; marinated and partially cooked chicken parts; whole frozen and seasoned turkeys; frozen and seasoned turkey cuts and parts; breaded chicken parts; raw, cooked, and smoked hams; tender gammons, hams, cold cuts, and related products; Parma-type hams; smoked chickens and turkeys; cooked and smoked turkey hams and turkey-based cold cuts; partially cooked and frozen products, such as beef, turkey, and chicken meatballs; beef, turkey, and chicken-based hamburgers; pork, turkey, and chicken-based frankfurters; sausages; bolognas; salamis; coppa; turkey-based hams; cold cuts in general; chicken, meat, and pork-based patés; beef, poultry, and fish-based frozen ready-made dishes and pasta; frozen ready-made foods for heating and serving as meals and snacks, such as breaded poultry, fish, and appetizers, frozen pizzas, and refrigerated fresh pasta; and margarine and refrigerated desserts. Sadia S.A. distributes around 1,000 different products through distribution and sales centers located in Brazil, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. The company was established in 1944 by Attilio Fontana. Sadia S.A. is headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Sanderson Farms, Inc., an integrated poultry processing company, engages in the production, processing, marketing, and distribution of fresh and frozen chicken products. It sells ice pack, chill pack, and frozen chicken in whole, cut-up, and boneless form to retailers, distributors, and casual dining operators principally in the southeastern, southwestern, and western United States. The company also offers approximately 100 processed and prepared food items, which include processed chicken products and frozen entrees, such as chicken and dumplings, lasagna, seafood gumbo, shrimp creole, and other specialty products to distributors, national food service accounts, retailers, and club stores. Sanderson Farms was founded in 1947 and is based in Laurel, Mississippi.


Industrias Bachoco S.A. de C.V. primarily engages in the production and processing of poultry products in Mexico. Its principal activities include breeding, hatching, and growing chickens; processing, packaging, and distributing chicken products; and preparing animal feed. The company's chicken products include live, public market, rotisserie, chicken parts, and supermarket broiler. It also sells further-processed chicken products to supermarkets and other retailers, and brown and white eggs. In addition, it sells swine on the hoof to meat packers for pork product production. The company also produces commercial animal feed, and sells it through distributors and directly to small producers. Industrias Bachoco was co-founded by Enrique Robinson Bours Alamada, Mario Javier Robinson Bours Alamda, and Juan Bautista S. Robinson Bours Almada in 1952. The company is headquartered in Celaya, Mexico.


Pilgrim's Pride Corporation produces poultry products in the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. The company offers prepared chicken products, such as portion-controlled breast fillets, tenderloins and strips, delicatessen products, salads, formed nuggets and patties, and bone-in chicken parts; fresh chicken products, which include refrigerated whole or cut-up chicken, and prepackaged case-ready chicken; and export and other chicken products, such as parts and whole chicken, either refrigerated or frozen for export or domestic use, as well as chicken prepared foods products for export. Pilgrim's Pride Corporation's prepared turkey products comprise turkey sausages, ground turkey, turkey hams and roasts, ground turkey breast products, salads, flavored turkey burgers, and cooked and further processed deli products; and fresh turkey products, which include turkey burgers, and fresh and frozen whole birds, as well as semiboneless whole turkey. Its other products comprise other types of meat along with various other staples, table eggs, commercial feeds, and related items and proteins. The company sells its products to foodservice customers, including chain restaurants, food processors, foodservice distributors, and other institutions; and retail customers, such as grocery store chains, wholesale clubs, and other retail distributors. It has operations in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Pilgrim's Pride Corporation was founded in 1945 and is based in Pittsburg, Texas.


Smithfield Foods, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, engages in hog production and pork processing worldwide. The company operates in five segments: Pork, Beef, Hog Production, International, and Others. The Pork segment offers pork and processed meats products in the United States, as well as markets them in the United States, Japan, Mexico, Canada, and Australia. As of May 31, 2005, it operated approximately 40 processing plants. The Beef segment produces boxed beef and ground beef. The Hog Production segment operates hog production facilities with approximately 857,000 sows producing approximately 14.7 million market hogs annually in the United States, Poland, and Romania. The International segment comprises international meat processing operations mainly in France, Poland, Romania, and the United Kingdom. The Others segment comprises its turkey production operations. The company sells its products to supermarket chains; wholesale distributors; fast food, restaurant, and hotel chains; hospitals and other institutional customers; export markets; and other further processors through its sales force and through independent commission brokers. Smithfield Foods was founded in 1961 and is based in Smithfield, Virginia.


Tyson Foods, Inc. engages in the production, distribution, and marketing of chicken, beef, pork, prepared foods, and related allied products. The company operates in four segments: Chicken, Beef, Pork, and Prepared Foods. The Chicken segment processes live chickens into fresh, frozen, and value-added chicken products. The Beef segment processes live fed cattle and fabrication of dressed beef carcasses into primal and subprimal meat cuts, and case-ready products; and sells hides and variety meats to processors and others. The Pork segment processes live market hogs and fabrication of pork carcasses into primal and subprimal cuts, and case-ready products. This segment also represents the company's live swine group and related allied product processing activities. The Prepared Foods segment manufactures and markets frozen and refrigerated food products, including pepperoni, beef and pork pizza toppings, pizza crusts, flour and corn tortilla products, appetizers, prepared meals, ethnic foods, soups, sauces, side dishes, meat dishes, and processed meats. The company markets its products to the U.S. and regional grocery retailers, regional grocery wholesalers, meat distributors, clubs and warehouse stores, military commissaries, industrial food processing companies, U.S. and regional chain restaurants or their distributors, international export companies, and U.S. distributors who service restaurants, foodservice operations, such as plant and school cafeterias, convenience stores, hospitals, and other vendors. Its products are also marketed to the manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and technical products. The company was founded in 1935 and is headquartered in Springdale, Arkansas.


Balchem Corporation, through its subsidiaries, engages in the development, manufacture, and marketing of specialty performance ingredients and products for the food, nutritional, feed, pharmaceutical, and medical sterilization industries primarily in the United States. It has three segments: Encapsulated/Nutritional Products, ARC Specialty Products, and BCP Ingredients. The Encapsulated/Nutritional Products segment provides microencapsulation, chelation, and agglomeration solutions to various applications in food, pharmaceutical, and nutritional ingredients. It also offers human grade choline nutrient products for wellness applications and calcium carbonate products for various treatments, as well as products for the animal health industry. The ARC Specialty Products segment repackages and distributes ethylene oxide used in sterilizing medical devices; blends of ethylene oxide as fumigants for killing bacteria, fungi, and insects in spices and other seasoning material; propylene oxide for fumigation in spice treatment and used in various chemical synthesis and industrial applications, as well as for manufacturing specialty starches and textile coatings; and methyl chloride, which is used as a raw material in specialty herbicides, fertilizers, and pharmaceuticals, as well in malt and wine preservers. The BCP Ingredients segment manufactures and supplies choline chloride, a nutrient for animal health, to the poultry and swine industries, as well as methylamines, which are used as raw materials for the production of choline chloride, and in various chemical and industrial applications. It also manufactures derivatives of choline chloride. Balchem sells its products through its own sales force, independent distributors, and sales agents. The company was founded in 1967 and is headquartered in New Hampton, New York.


Hormel Foods Corporation engages in the manufacture and marketing of various meat and food products in the United States. The company sells fresh, frozen, cured, smoked, cooked, and canned meat products. It offers perishable meat products, including fresh meats, sausages, hams, wieners, and bacon; and shelf-stable products, such as canned luncheon meats, shelf-stable microwaveable entrees, stews, chilies, hash, meat spreads, flour and corn tortillas, salsas, tortilla chips, and other items that do not require refrigeration, as well as frozen processed products. The company also provides turkey products, as well as nutritional food products and supplements, sugar and sugar substitutes, creamers, salt and pepper products, sauces and salad dressings, dessert and drink mixes, and industrial gelatin products. Hormel Foods sells its products through its sales personnel, as well as through independent brokers and distributors. It has a joint venture with Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation to market and sell beef and pork. The company was founded in 1891 by George A. Hormel as George A. Hormel & Company and changed its name to Hormel Foods Corporation in 1995. Hormel Foods is headquartered in Austin, Minnesota.


Bridgford Foods Corporation and its subsidiaries engage in the manufacture, marketing, and distribution of frozen products, and refrigerated and snack food products primarily in the United States. The company manufactures and distributes a line of food products, including biscuits, bread dough items, roll dough items, dry sausage products, various sandwiches, and sliced luncheon meats. In addition, it resells a range of jerky, cheeses, salads, party dips, Mexican foods, nuts, and other delicatessen type food products. Bridgford sells approximately 200 frozen food products through wholesalers, cooperatives, and distributors to retail outlets, restaurants, and institutions, as well as sells approximately 310 items through a direct store delivery network to supermarkets, mass merchandise, and convenience retail stores located in the United States and Canada. Bridgford was organized in 1952 and is based in Anaheim, California.