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MEDTOX Scientific, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, provides forensic and clinical laboratory services, and manufactures diagnostic devices in the United States. The company operates in two segments, Laboratory Services and Product Sales. The Laboratory Services segment offers workplace drug-of-abuse testing services. It also provides specialty laboratory services, including clinical toxicology; clinical testing for the pharmaceutical industry, which include general laboratory services, assay development, bio-analytical, and pharmacokinetic testing services to clinical trial sponsors, clinical research organizations, and site management organizations; heavy metal, trace element, and solvent analyses; and logistics, data, and program management services, which include courier services for medical specimen transportation, management programs for laboratory-based and on-site drug testing, coordination of specimen collection sites, and data collection and reporting services. The Product Sales segment manufactures and distributes point-of-collection testing disposable diagnostic devices. Its products include PROFILE-II ER, a line of diagnostic drug screening products to hospital markets for drug detection in patients; MEDTOXScan, an electronic reader, for use with Profile-II ER device in hospital laboratories and emergency rooms; and VERDICT-II and SURE-SCREEN, on-site drug screening devices. This segment also produces coagulation market controls; and distributes diagnostic tests for the detection of alcohol with the EZ-SCREEN Breath Alcohol Test, as well as offers agricultural diagnostic products. MEDTOX serves public and private companies, as well as service firms, such as drug treatment counseling centers, occupational health clinics, third party administrators, and hospitals. The company was founded in 1983 and is based in St. Paul, Minnesota.


eResearchTechnology, Inc. (ERTI) provides technology and services that enable the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries to collect, interpret, and distribute cardiac safety and clinical data. Its products include EXPeRT, eResearch Community, eData Entry, and eResearch Network. EXPeRT provides for workflow-enabled cardiac safety data collection, interpretation, and distribution of electrocardiographic (ECG) data and images, as well as for analysis and cardiologist interpretation of ECGs performed on research subjects in connection with its clients' clinical trials. EXPeRT cardiac safety services include digital and paper ECG services, holter recording, and FDA extensible markup language ECG service. eResearch Community, a central command and control portal, provides information related to monitoring clinical trial activities; eData Entry, a electronic data capture system, comprises technology and consulting services, which is formulated for electronic trial initiatives; and eResearch Network, a clinical research solution, that enables a sponsor to establish an infrastructure that connects participants in the clinical trial process. The eResearch Network consists of modules, such as eData Management, a clinical data management application for collecting, editing, and managing clinical trial data; eSafety Net, an adverse event management system; and eStudy Conduct, a clinical trial management technology, which is used to set up clinical trials, standards, track study activities, plan resources, distribute supplies, and electronically view clinical trial data. ERTI also provides consulting services, which include study initiation, project management, education, site qualification, configuration, technology and regulatory review, research dashboards and electronic reporting, data management, and migration services. The company sells its products and services worldwide. ERTI was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Bio-Reference Laboratories, Inc. provides clinical laboratory testing services primarily in the greater New York metropolitan area. It laboratory testing services are utilized by healthcare providers for the detection, diagnosis, evaluation, monitoring, and treatment of diseases. The company offers a range of chemical diagnostic tests, including blood and urine analysis, blood chemistry, hematology services, serology, radioimmuno analysis, toxicology pap smears, tissue pathology, and other tissue analysis. It offers its services directly to physicians, hospitals, clinics, correctional, and other health facilities. The company also operates a clinical knowledge management service, which uses customer data from laboratory results, pharmaceutical data, claims data, and other data sources to provide administrative and clinical decision support systems. In addition, it operates a Web-based connectivity portal solution for laboratories and physicians. Bio-Reference Laboratories was founded in 1981. The company is based in Elmwood Park, New Jersey.


Bio-Imaging Technologies, Inc., through its subsidiaries, operates as a pharmaceutical contract service organization worldwide. The company operates in two divisions, Pharmaceutical Services and CapMed. The Pharmaceutical Services division provides services that support the product development process of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. It assists its clients in the design and management of the medical imaging component of clinical trials for all modalities, which consist of computerized tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging, x-rays, dual energy x-ray absorptiometry, positron emission tomography, single photon emission CT, quantitative coronary angiography, cardiac MRI and CT, intravascular ultrasound, peripheral quantitative angiography, and ultrasound. The Pharmaceutical Services division also provides the processing and analysis of medical images, as well as the data-basing and regulatory submission of medical images, quantitative data, and text. It also offers a service called Bio-Imaging ET&C, which focuses on education, training, and certification for medical imaging equipment, facilities, and staff. CapMed division offers the Personal Health Record (PHR) software and the patent-pending Personal HealthKey technology. The PHR enables users to manage and store personal health information, including their medical images on the privacy of their desktop computer, while linking directly to sponsor-directed resources, such as drug information, patient education, or disease guidelines. Bio-Imaging Technologies was incorporated in 1987 under the name Wise Ventures, Inc. and changed its name to Bio-Imaging Technologies, Inc. in 1991. The company is based in Newtown, Pennsylvania.


Genomic Health, Inc., a life science company, engages in the development and commercialization of genomic-based clinical diagnostic tests for cancer in the United States. Its clinical diagnostic tests for cancer enable physicians and patients to make individualized treatment decisions. The company's genomic test, Oncotype DX, is a clinical laboratory test that predicts the likelihood of cancer recurrence, the likelihood of patient survival within 10 years of diagnosis, and the likelihood of chemotherapy benefit. This test is focused on patients with early stage, node negative, or N−, and estrogen receptor positive, or ER+, breast cancer. Genomic Health is in the early development phase of investigating additional genes and gene combinations that may add to the predictive power of Oncotype DX; and in the early development phase for a product to predict the likelihood of recurrence and chemotherapy benefit in N− and ER− breast cancer patients, as well as taxane benefit. In addition, the company has products in various stages of development for other cancers, including colon cancer, prostate cancer, renal cell cancer, non-small cell lung cancer, and melanoma. Further, it is in the early development phase to develop tests to predict the likelihood of response to the EGFR inhibitor class of drugs. Genomic Health has a collaborative agreement with Aventis, Inc. to investigate the ability of gene expression in fixed-paraffin-embedded tissues to predict the likelihood of response to adjuvant chemotherapy, including Taxotere, in patients with early breast cancer and zero to three involved lymph nodes. The company was founded in 2000 and is based in Redwood City, California.


Alliance Imaging, Inc. provides shared-service and fixed-site diagnostic imaging services to hospitals and other healthcare providers in the United States. It offers various services that include systems operation; equipment maintenance; and upgrading and management of day-to-day operations. The company also operates various free-standing imaging centers and fixed-site imaging centers primarily in partnerships with hospitals or health systems. In addition, Alliance Imaging provides ancillary services, including marketing support, education and training, and billing assistance. As of September 30, 2005, it had 497 diagnostic imaging systems comprising 350 magnetic resonance imaging systems and 58 positron emission tomography and positron emission tomography/computed tomography systems. The company serves various customers, including equipment manufacturers, community medical centers, university hospitals, community medical centers, clinics, and physical groups in 44 states. Alliance Imaging, Inc. was founded by Richard Zehner in 1983. The company is based in Anaheim, California.


Quest Diagnostics Incorporated provides diagnostic testing, information, and services for the healthcare industry in the United States. It offers esoteric testing, such as gene-based testing and testing for drugs of abuse; and anatomic pathology services and testing to support clinical trials of new pharmaceuticals worldwide. Quest Diagnostics manufactures and markets diagnostic test kits and systems primarily for esoteric testing, which are sold to hospitals, clinical laboratories, and dialysis centers domestically and internationally, through its subsidiary, Nichols Institute Diagnostics. The company offers a range of clinical laboratory testing services to patients, physicians, hospitals, healthcare insurers, employers, governmental institutions, and other commercial clinical laboratories. It operates a network of approximately 1,900 patient service centers and laboratories located in approximately 30 metropolitan areas in the United States. The company markets its products to customers through its direct sales force, healthcare insurers sales force, customer service representatives, and couriers. Quest Diagnostics is headquartered in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.


Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, together with its subsidiaries, operates as an independent clinical laboratory company in the United States. It offers a range of clinical laboratory tests, which are used by the medical profession in routine testing, patient diagnosis, and in the monitoring and treatment of disease. The company offers routine testing services, such as blood chemistry analyses, urinalyses, blood cell counts, Pap tests, HIV tests, microbiology cultures and procedures, and alcohol and other substance-abuse tests. It also offers specialty services, including allergy testing; clinical trials testing; oncology testing in which it diagnoses and monitors certain cancers, and predicts the outcome of certain treatments; HIV genotyping and phenotyping; diagnostic genetics that include cytogenetic, molecular cytogenetic, biochemical, and molecular genetic tests; and urine and blood testing services for the detection of drug and alcohol abuse. In addition, the company provides anatomic pathology testing services in uropathology, dermatopathology, GI pathology, and hematopathology areas. It offers its services through a combination of direct sales generalists and specialists to physicians, hospitals, HMOs and other managed care organizations, governmental agencies, large employers, and other independent clinical laboratories. As of December 31, 2004, the company had 32 primary laboratories and approximately 1,300 service sites, consisting of branches, patient service centers, and STAT laboratories. Laboratory Corporation of America was founded in 1971 and is headquartered in Burlington, North Carolina.


Array BioPharma, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, engages in the discovery, development, and commercialization of small molecule drugs to treat debilitating and life-threatening diseases. The company's drug development pipeline primarily focuses on the treatment of cancer and inflammatory disease, and includes drugs that regulate targets in therapeutically important disease pathways. It offers ARRY-142886 (AZD6244)/MEK, which is in the Phase Ib clinical development, for the treatment of cancer. The company also provides ARRY-334543, ErbB-2/EGFR Inhibitors, and ErbB-2 Inhibitors that are in preclinical models of human cancer. It has collaborations with Amgen; AstraZeneca; Elan; Eli Lilly and Company; Genentech, Inc.; Hoffman-La Roche, Inc.; ICOS Corporation; InterMune, Inc.; Japan Tobacco, Inc.; Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals; QLT, Inc.; Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.; and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd. Array was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.


Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc. (PPD) and its subsidiaries provide drug discovery and development services, and products primarily in the United States and Europe. The company operates in two segments, Development and Discovery Sciences. Its Development segment provides various services, which include preclinical programs and phase I to phase IV clinical development services. It also offers post-market support services, such as product launch services, patient compliance programs, disease registry programs, and medical communications programs for consumer and healthcare providers on product use and adverse events. The Discovery Sciences segment engage in preclinical evaluations of anticancer therapies and compound partnering arrangements associated with the development and commercialization of drug products. The company provides a range of discovery and development services, and products to enable pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies develop compounds, drugs, and devices. It offers its products and services in 28 countries worldwide. Pharmaceutical Product Development has a joint develop agreement with Falco Biosystems, Ltd. to develop diagnostic products for the detection of renal cell carcinoma. The company was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina.


Spherix Incorporated engages in the research and development of biotechnology and in the provision of information services. The company operates in two divisions, BioSpherix and InfoSpherix. BioSpherix division engages in the development of proprietary products for commercial applications. It offers tagatose, a naturally occurring ketose, under the brand name Naturlose. The company has a license agreement with Arla Foods Ingredients amba of Denmark for the worldwide rights to manufacture, market, and distribute tagatose. It also offers pesticides under the brand name FlyCracker. InfoSpherix division consists of Commercial Information Services (CIS) and Government Information Services (GIS) units. The GIS unit provides contact center services, which include consulting, information management, and materials management to the public, as well as reservation and tourism solutions. It researches, collects, organizes, and disseminates information by providing customized contact center services through combining data collection systems, decision support systems, and tele-support. The CIS unit focuses on health, pharmaceutical, medical data, and clinical trials management services. It provides information to and for clients on a range of diseases and disabilities, disease prevention, and health education. Spherix was founded by Dr. Gilbert V. Levin in 1967. The company is based in Beltsville, Maryland.


National Dentex Corporation engages in the design, fabrication, marketing, and sale of dental prosthetic appliances for dentists in the United States. As of June 30, 2005, the company owned and operated 45 dental laboratories in 30 states, which design and fabricate dentures, crowns and fixed bridges, and other dental appliances. Its products are grouped into three main categories: Restorative, Reconstructive, and Cosmetic. The Restorative group includes gold or porcelain made crowns and bridges, which are permanently affixed to a patients' existing dental anatomy. Its Reconstructive products are removable prosthesis that replace missing teeth and associated structures, including partial and full dentures. The company's Cosmetic group consists primarily of porcelain veneers used to enhance the appearance of the front of a tooth, as well as various ceramic crowns that replicate the appearance of natural teeth. This category also includes composite inlays and onlays, which replace silver fillings for a natural appearance; and orthodontic appliances, which are products fabricated to move existing teeth to enhance function and appearance. National Dentex sells its products primarily through its own direct sales force. The company was founded in 1982 as H&M Laboratories Services, Inc. and changed its name to National Dentex Corporation in 1983. National Dentex is headquartered in Wayland, Massachusetts.


Psychemedics Corporation provides testing services for the detection of abused substances through the analysis of hair samples. Its testing methods utilize a patented technology for performing immunoassays on enzymatically dissolved hair samples with confirmation testing by mass spectrometry. The company offers commercial testing and confirmation by mass spectrometry using industry-accepted practices for cocaine, marijuana, PCP, methamphetamine, and opiates. Psychemedics' tests provides quantitative information, which indicates the approximate amount of drug ingested, as well as historical data, which can show a pattern of individual drug use over a period of time. Its information is useful to employers, physicians, treatment professionals, law enforcement agencies, schools, and parents concerned about drug use by their children, as well as other individuals and entities. The company also offers PDT-90, a personal drug testing service for parents concerned about drug use by their children. Psychemedics markets its corporate drug testing services through own sales force; and PDT-90 through the Internet and retail distributors in the United States. The company was founded in 1985 and is based in Acton, Massachusetts.


Enzo Biochem, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, engages in the research, development, manufacture, and marketing of diagnostic and research products based on genetic engineering, biotechnology, and molecular biology. These products are designed for the diagnosis of and/or screening for infectious diseases, cancers, genetic defects, and other medically pertinent diagnostic information. The company's major product categories include preformatted in situ kits, preformatted microplate kits, membrane kits, labeled probes, and labeling and signaling reagents. It is also conducting research and development activities in the development of therapeutic products based on the company's technology platform of genetic modulation and immune modulation. Enzo Biochem is evaluating its proprietary gene medicine for HIV-1 infection, as well as its proprietary immune regulation medicines for hepatitis B and hepatitis C infection, and for Crohn's Disease. In addition, it operates a regional clinical reference laboratory that provides diagnostic services to the greater New York and New Jersey medical community. This laboratory offers a menu of routine and esoteric clinical laboratory tests or procedures. These tests are frequently used in general patient care by physicians to establish or support a diagnosis, monitor treatment or medication, or search for an otherwise undiagnosed condition. Enzo Biochem markets its products and services through direct sales, manufacturers, and distributors. The company was co-founded by Elazar Rabbani, Shahram K. Rabbani, and Barry W. Weiner in 1976. Enzo Biochem is headquartered in Farmingdale, New York.


PreMD, Inc., a predictive medicine company, develops non-invasive tests for the early detection of cardiovascular disease and cancer. It is developing tests designed for use at the point of care, in the doctor's office, at the pharmacy, and at home. The company's coronary artery disease risk assessment products include PREVU* Point of Care Skin Cholesterol Test that provides information about an individual's risk of coronary artery disease; PREVU* LT Skin Cholesterol Test, a lab-processed skin test; and PREVU* PT Skin Cholesterol Test, a semi-quantitative consumer test that is under development for home use. Its cancer tests under development include ColorectAlert, a mucus test for the detection of colorectal cancer; LungAlert, a sputum test for the detection of lung cancer; and a nipple aspirate test for the detection of breast cancer. PreMD has strategic relationship with McNeil Consumer Healthcare for the marketing and distribution of PREVU* test for coronary artery disease in Canada. The company was founded in 1992. It was formerly known as IMI International Medical Innovations, Inc. and changed its name to PreMD, Inc. in 2005. PreMD is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.


AEterna Zentaris, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, engages in the discovery, development, and marketing of oncology and endocrine therapy focused drugs. Its product line leverages five different therapeutic approaches such as: luteinizing hormone releasing hormone (LHRH) antagonists, signal transduction inhibitors, cytotoxic conjugates and cytotoxics, tubulin inhibitors/vascular targeting agents, and growth hormone modulators. The company markets cetrorelix for in vitro fertilization and Impavido for black fever and parasitic skin diseases. Its other products, which are in various stages of clinical development include D-63153, a linear decapeptide sequence; Teverelix; Perifosine, an alkylphosphocholine compound; Erucylphosphocholine, an analog of perifosine, for intravenous administration; Miltefosine; PI3K Inhibitors; Lobaplatin, a platinum derivative; Disorazol E for the treatment of cancer; Neovastat, an oral antiangiogenic product; RC-3095 a hormone-like peptide; GH-RH Antagonists; and Ghrelin Receptor Antagonists. The company, through Atrium Biotechnologies, Inc., develops and markets active ingredients, specialty fine chemicals, cosmetic, and nutritional products for the cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical, and nutritional industries. AEterna Zentaris has strategic alliances with Serono International S.A.; Solvay Pharmaceuticals Bv.; Shionogi & Co., Ltd.; Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd.; German Remedies; Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Ardana Bioscience, Ltd.; Grupo Ferrer; LG Life Sciences; Mayne Pharma; and Ardana Bioscience, Ltd. The company was founded in 1990. It was formerly known as 171162 Canada, Inc. and changed its name to Les Laboratoires Aeterna, Inc. in 1991. Further, the company changed its name to AEterna Laboratories, Inc. in 1997 and to AEterna Zentaris, Inc. in 2004. AEterna Zentaris is headquartered in Quebec City, Canada.