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Blackboard, Inc. (BI) provides enterprise software applications and related services to the education industry. It offers a suite of products, including Blackboard Learning System, Blackboard Community System, and Blackboard Content System. Blackboard Learning System enables education providers to support online teaching and learning environment that can be used to augment a classroom-based program or for distance learning. Blackboard Community System enables educational institutions to build online connections between campus groups, to personalize information and to conduct e-Commerce. Blackboard Content System provides enterprise content management capabilities, as well as supports teaching, learning, research, archival, extracurricular, and departmental activities that require the central management, tagging, sharing, and reuse of electronic files. BI also offers Blackboard Commerce Suite that is used for on- and off-campus commerce, online e-commerce, meal plan administration, vending, laundry services, copy and print management, and student and staff identification; Blackboard Transaction System, which enables clients to establish an integrated student debit account program for charging incidental expenses, such as meals and academic materials; and Blackboard One, which enables students and faculty to use their university identification cards as a form of payment off-campus. In addition, the company offers professional services, such as project management; installation and configuration; integration of its applications with existing campus systems; user interface customization; course and content migration; and Blackboard Building Blocks application development. BI offers its products to colleges, universities, schools, and other education providers, as well as to textbook publishers and student-focused merchants in the United States, Europe, and Asia. BI was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Washington, D.C.


Activision, Inc. publishes interactive entertainment software products. It maintains a portfolio of products that spans various categories and markets, and is used on various game hardware platforms and operating systems. The company's products cover game categories, such as action or adventure, action sports, racing, role-playing, simulation, first-person action, and strategy. Activision offers its products primarily in versions that operate on the Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, and Microsoft Xbox console systems; Nintendo Game Boy Advance, Sony PlayStation Portable, and Nintendo Dual Screen hand-held device; and the personal computer. The company develops, markets, and sells products directly, by license, or through its affiliate label program with certain third-party publishers. It provides logistical and sales services to third-party publishers of interactive entertainment software and manufacturers of interactive entertainment hardware in Europe. The company operates in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Australia, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Activision was incorporated in 1979 and is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.


SkillSoft Public Limited Company provides multimodal e-learning content and software products for business and information technology (IT) professionals. The company offers Web-based training resources that cover various professional effectiveness, business, and information technology topics. Its multimodal learning solutions support formal and informal learning processes, as well as integrate SkillSoft's courseware, learning management platform technology, and support services. The content offerings include SkillChoice Solutions; Business Skills Courseware Collection; IT Skills and Certification Courseware Collection; compliance, and health and safety courseware; and Referenceware collections by Books24x7, such as ITPro, BusinessPro, FinancePro, OfficeEssentials, FinancePro, EngineeringPro, ExecSummariesm, and ExecBlueprints. The company also provides professional services, including instructor led training, customized content, Web sites, and implementation services. SkillSoft offers its products to governments, businesses, and education industry worldwide. The company is headquartered in Nashua, Republic of Ireland.


MakeMusic, Inc. engages in the development and marketing of music technology products under the SmartMusic and Finale brands primarily in the United States and Canada. SmartMusic is an interactive, computer based music system that transforms and modernizes the way a musician practices by providing human-like accompaniment in various musical styles performed by orchestras, jazz trios, rock bands, and other musical ensembles. It allows the user to start playing at any point in a musical piece, repeat difficult-to-play segments, change instrumentation, adjust the degree to which the accompaniment follows the musician, control tempo, transpose the music into any key, play with or without repeats, or designate sections of the music to cut. SmartMusic's software also includes self-assessment features and allows the user to record his performance and send it by email. Finale is a music notation software, which allows composers, arrangers, musicians, teachers, students, and publishers to create, edit, audition, print, and publish musical scores. MakeMusic has strategic relationships with McGraw-Hill; Hal Leonard Corporation; Conn-Selmer; and Berklee College of Music. The company was founded by John W. Paulson and is based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.


3D Systems Corporation engages in the design, development, manufacture, marketing and servicing of 3-D printing, prototyping, and manufacturing systems and related products and materials. Its products enable three-dimensional objects to be produced directly from computer data. Its proprietary systems are used to produce physical objects from digital data using commonly available computer-aided design, software, and related computer utilities. The company's Stereolithography systems convert proprietary engineered materials and composites into solid cross-sections, layer by layer, until the desired fully fused objects are complete. Its InVision 3-D Printers offer finished surfaces, plug-and-play installation, and point-and-print functionality. In addition, it blends, markets, sells, and distributes consumable, engineered plastic, and metal materials and composites under several proprietary brand names for use in all of its systems. 3D Systems operates in the United States, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. The company was founded by Charles W. Hull in 1986. 3D Systems Corporation is headquartered in Valencia, California.


Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (TTIS) engages in publishing, developing, and distributing interactive entertainment software, hardware, and accessories. The company publishes interactive software games for personal computers, video game consoles, and handheld platforms. It also publishes games developed internally and by third parties. The company also distributes games for video game consoles and handheld platforms published internally and by third parties, as well as hardware and accessories manufactured by third parties. In addition, TTIS manufactures and markets video game accessories in Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific region. It sells its software titles to retail outlets in North America and Europe through direct relationships with retail customers and third-party distributors. TTIS was incorporated in 1993 and is headquartered in New York City.


Electronic Arts, Inc. engages in the development, publishing, and distribution of interactive software games that are playable by consumers on in-home video game players, personal computers, mobile video game players, and the Internet, worldwide. It publishes products in various categories, such as sports, action, strategy, simulations, role playing, and adventure. The company develops games internally, and also engages third-parties to develop games on its behalf at its development and production studios located near San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orlando, Chicago, Vancouver, Montreal, London, and Tokyo. Electronic Arts also teams with other game developers who develop their own interactive software games with the company's assistance, which it then publishes, markets, and distributes. Further, the company distributes interactive software games that are developed by other companies. Its products, designed to play on consoles and handhelds, are published under license from the manufacturers. Electronic Arts offers free games on its Web site under four brands: Pogo, EA GAMES, EA SPORTS, and EA SPORTS BIG. The company was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Redwood City, California.


KONAMI CORPORATION primarily operates in the amusement and health industry in Japan. The company operates in three segments: Digital Entertainment, Gaming, and Health and Fitness. Digital Entertainment segment operates in five business units, including Computer and Video Games (CVG), Toy and Hobby, Amusement, Online, and Multimedia. CVG unit's operations include production, manufacture, and sale of home video game software; production of software for mobile phones; purchase and distribution of home video game software; and production of online games. Toy and Hobby unit produces and sells a range of products and brand-related goods, including card games, toys, portable electronic games, compact disks and digital versatile disks of music from its video game software, game tip books, game prizes for amusement arcade games, and other accessories. Amusement unit manufactures and sells contents for video game machines and token-operated machines for amusement arcades. Online unit builds systems related to online games; manages and operates online servers; and distributes contents for mobile phones. Gaming segment develops content and hardware for gaming machines for casinos outside of Japan. Health and Fitness segment operates health and sports clubs in Japan, as well as designs, manufactures, and sells fitness machines and fitness-related products. KONAMI CORPORATION was founded by Kagemasa Kozuki in 1969. It was formerly known as Konami Industries Co., Ltd.; and changed its name to Konami Co., Ltd. in 1999; and to KONAMI CORPORATION in 2000. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.


Corel Corporation operates as a packaged software company worldwide. It primarily offers productivity, graphics, and digital imaging software products. The company's productivity products primarily comprise WordPerfect Office Suite, WinZip, and iGrafx products. The WordPerfect Office Suite consists of WordPerfect, a word processing application; Quattro Pro, a spreadsheet and database application with 3D chart functionality; Presentations, an application for producing multimedia presentations, overheads, and transparencies; WordPerfect MAIL, an email, calendaring, and contact management application; and Paradox, a database application. The WinZip product line includes WinZip, a compression utility for the Windows platform; WinZip Companion for Outlook, which automates the compression and encryption of email file attachments; and WinZip Self Extractor that enables the creation of archives that can be uncompressed without the need for the WinZip application. The iGrafx product line includes iGrafx FlowCharter that visually depicts elements of a business process; and iGrafx Process that identifies, simulates, and visually presents how a business can improve its processes. Corel's graphics products include CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, a vector illustration software application; Corel DESIGNER Technical Suite, a graphics application for technical illustrations; and Corel Painter, a digital painting application. Its digital imaging products include Corel Paint Shop Pro that enables users to create, manipulate, and manage digital images; Corel Photo Album enables users to store, organize, share, and manage digital photograph collections; and Corel Snapfire and Snapfire Plus, a digital imaging application. The company also offers WinDVD, a DVD player software. Corel offers its products through international resellers, retailers, original equipment manufacturers, online providers, and Web sites. The company was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.


Webzen, Inc. engages in the development and distribution of online games, software licensing, and other related services, principally in the Republic of Korea and other Asian countries. The company's principal game product, MU, is a three-dimensional multiplayer online role playing game. Webzen was co-founded by Eun-Suk Lee, Nam-Ju Kim, Ki-Yong Cho, and Kil-Saup Song in 2000. The company is based in Seoul, Korea.


Majesco Entertainment Company provides diversified products and content for digital entertainment platforms. Its product portfolio comprises video game titles, video content titles, and digital media peripherals and applications, or gadgets. The company also offers Game Boy Advance (GBA) wrap-around style headphones, GBA wireless link application, GBA wireless messenger application, and stand-alone TV Arcade plug-and-play' video game systems. Majesco Entertainment sells its products directly and indirectly to retail chains, specialty retail stores, and video game rental outlets. The company was formerly known as Majesco Holdings, Inc. and changed its name to Majesco Entertainment Company in April 2005. Majesco Entertainment is headquartered in Edison, New Jersey.


Renaissance Learning, Inc. provides learning information systems software and school improvement programs to prekindergarten through senior high schools in the United States. Its software products include Accelerated Reader, STAR Reading, STAR Early Literacy, Fluent Reader, Accelerated Vocabulary, Read Now, Math Renaissance/ Accelerated Math, STAR Math, MathFacts in a Flash, Accelerated Writer, Accelerated Grammar and Spelling, StandardsMaster, English in a Flash, AccelScan, and Customized Assessment Products, as well as Educator Resource Products, such as videotapes, handbooks, lesson books, math learning cards, workbooks, and motivational items. The company also offers a line of professional services to its customers, including support plans, professional development programs, Web-based training, consulting and evaluation services, mentor coaching, and technical services. Renaissance Learning markets its educational products and services to teachers, school librarians, principals, entire schools, and school district personnel, as well as internationally through its subsidiaries in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. In addition, the company provides software installation, application hosting, and database conversion and integration services. Renaissance Learning was co-founded in 1986 by Judith Ames Paul and Terrance D. Paul. The company is headquartered in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.


THQ, Inc. engages in the development and publishing of interactive entertainment software for the hardware platforms in the video game market. It offers a portfolio of titles playable on the platforms, such as home video game consoles, handheld platforms, and personal computers. The company's titles span entertainment software genres, including action, adventure, children's, driving, fighting, puzzle, role-playing, simulation, sports, and strategy. THQ produces products internally based on original and licensed content, as well as contracts with third-party developers to develop products. In addition, THQ provides games, ringtones, wallpapers, and other content for wireless devices. It distributes games directly to mass merchandisers, consumer electronic stores, discount warehouses, and retail chain stores in North America, as well as through its sales network to retail shelves in approximately 75 countries worldwide. The company was incorporated in 1989 under the name Trinity Acquisition Corporation and changed its name to THQ, Inc. in 1990. THQ is based in Calabasas Hills, California.


DivX, Inc. creates products and services designed for media applications. It offers a video compression-decompression software library, or codec, which is a set of software libraries that plugs into video software applications and allows users to create and play DivX videos. The company also provides DivX Player, a software application that allows users to process video downloads, manage video collections, and activate DivX certified devices; DivX Web Player, a software plug-in that interfaces with Web browsers and allows DivX video to be embedded and played within Web pages; DivX Content Uploader, a software plug-in for content publishers to upload the videos to an online video community Website; DivX Pro video codec, which offers encoding tools; DivX Converter, which automatically converts files in other media formats to its DivX media format; software development kits that allow software vendors to build DivX playback and creation support into their products; and Open Video System, a hosted service that allows content creators to deliver DivX video content over the Internet. The company also operates, an online video community Web site that allows users to upload and publish video content on the Web site. It markets its technologies to a range of integrated circuit manufacturers, original design manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, and software developers worldwide. The company was incorporated in 2000 and is headquartered in San Diego, California.


Convera Corporation engages in the design, development, marketing, implementation, and support of enterprise search and categorization solutions for various applications, including enterprise portals, knowledge management, intelligence gathering, profiling, corporate policy compliance, regulatory compliance, and customer service. Its RetrievalWare product line forms the basis for information retrieval and knowledge management solutions for corporate Intranets, Internet e-commerce, online publishing, and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market. The company licenses its software products directly to commercial businesses and government agencies throughout North America, Europe, and other parts of the world, as well as distributes its products through license agreements with systems integrators, OEMs, value-added resellers, and other strategic partners. It also offers professional implementation services, as well as training, consulting, and maintenance services. Convera Corporation is headquartered in Vienna, Virginia.