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The Holy Grail of Investing
December 19, 2006

Good afternoon!

I have a special treat for you today.  No, sorry it’s not edible.  And it requires you to pay full attention.  But when you are done, you’ll come out of it knowing all about The Holy Grail of Investing.  Imagine how many folks can claim that!

Not too many.

What do I consider the fundamentals of The Holy Grail of Investing?  Everything that you should be asking yourself before making any trading decisions: Is it going to go up?  Is it going to go down? What is the reaction investors are going to make?  And how are you going to profit from it before the move is completed?

Any stock that I issue, whether in the Hot Stocks Update or the full load of stocks that I issue buy alerts on to my Trending123 subscribers, are all put through a rigorous process.  My homework, if you will.

The bottom line is whether I select a stock, or you are out there in the investing jungle picking your own stocks, you must—I repeat MUST—decipher the noise from the crucial information.

If you’re not up to speed on how to do this, and do it right, please follow this link to a FREE trial subscription to Trending123 today, as I do this for all my subscribers.  You can be learning what to pay attention to and what you can ignore—with just one click!

Speaking of ignoring…you can pretty much ignore the stock market this week.  I have no new stocks to offer you today because frankly we would just be scraping the bottom of the barrel.  And I prefer top shelf!

So instead, I invite you to watch a new video that I made for my Trending123 subscribers and am now giving to you for FREE.  In it, I detail a recent stock update on JOYG, one of the most recent additions to our portfolio and delve into my process on how I pick stocks:


John Lansing

P.S. In an ever-changing market, it’s not easy to keep up or know what to do next.  That’s why my priority is you.  With timely analysis, multiple daily updates, stock charts, education if you need it and most of all, profits, you will always be “in the loop” on everything that matters.  Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a rank beginner or somewhere in-between, you’ll find plenty to like at Trending123.

P.P.S. Stay tuned for my next round of Hot Stocks…I’ll discuss the highs and lows, expectations and advice for 2007—in a very Special Edition next Thursday!