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Hot Stocks - Year End Update
January 4, 2007

Good afternoon!

Are you a news junkie?  I suppose most investors would be considering all the hits—both bad and good—Wall Street takes when breaking news comes across the air (and web) waves!

I have to tell you though, I’m not.  Because well, I can just imagine how high my blood pressure would be if I started worrying what each new day would bring.

Laid back and take it as it comes, that’s what my motto would be, if I had one.  Now, don’t take that to mean I’m over here resting on my laurels either!  I just prefer to depend on what I know.  And what I know is that technical analysis works.  And it works in any environment…no matter if the Fed raises rates or consumer confidence dips or oil continues its slide downward.  It just doesn’t matter when it comes to technical analysis!

But how exactly does technical analysis work?  How can I look deep into the hearts of all these charts and patterns and see what I see?  Experience, I guess.

Let me share some of that experience with you now so you can “see what I see.”  If you’re ready to jump right into the deep end—you risk-taker you!—then by all means see what kinds of sudden profits you can expect from Trending123.

However, if you’re like most—and that’s fine by me—you need a little more convincing first.

To kick off the New Year, I made some online videos to go into greater depth about how to interpret the charts you see on my Trending123 site.

The first one talks about the NASDAQ chart:

The second one goes over the DOW in different currencies:

And the third one talks about the 2006 “Dogs of the DOW” aka the worst performers:

I hope I’ve encapsulated everything you need to understand about chart interpretation.  But if not, I fully you encourage you to check out my site: and explore.  HINT: The only way you get an all access pass is to subscribe, but luckily you start off with 14 days at NO COST.  Pretty sweet deal, eh?  Check it out here.


John Lansing

P.S. In an ever-changing market, it’s not easy to keep up or know what to do next.  That’s why my priority is you.  With timely analysis, multiple daily updates, stock charts, education if you need it and most of all, profits, you will always be “in the loop” on everything that matters.  Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a rank beginner or somewhere in-between, you’ll find plenty to like at Trending123.

P.P.S. Stay tuned for my next round of Hot Stocks…coming soon to an email box near you!