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Take a Stance
February 13, 2007

Hello everyone out there in cyber land!  I hope everyone’s having a good day.  We’re going through some choppy waters this week—namely the market reaction to the G7 meeting from this past weekend, Bernanke’s semi-annual testimony to Congress, and end-of-the-week housing, retail sales and manufacturing data—none of it should rock you to the point of flipping over so just hold on tight and you’ll be fine!

Since we’re on the topic of motion sickness — just stay with me on this metaphor…it does make a very good point, I swear!!  I want you all to be aware of your fear.  I’m certainly aware of mine.  If you think that I’m not scared each and every time I alert you on a new trade, you’re insane!  And let me assure you, if YOU aren’t afraid the day you make a trade, you’ve just made a bad trade!  You should always be scared.  The key is coming to grips with those feelings of uncertainty and then turning that into productive energy.  Ok?  I’ll say it again — every smart trader should be a little scared with each trade because there is no such thing as a “sure thing.”

Now having said that, when I send these updates, you’ve probably noted my confidence with each trade.  So if I’m scared, how can I be so confident?  Well, how could I not be?  Would you want to go to a doctor who tells you he’s on the fence as to what bone you’ve broken?  Would you want to go to trial with a lawyer who makes an objection only to change his mind mid-sentence?

And that’s why I always take a stance — right or wrong — I give you my advice with conviction.  I acknowledge the fear, and move forward with the trades I believe in.  It’s easy for me to do too, since I depend solely on the charts — and charts don’t lie.  I’m not making trades based on how I feel about the stock.  I’m making trades based on what the charts tell me is going to happen.  I wouldn’t be able to be so absolute with my stock picks without them!

Want some proof?  Take a look at this:


Stock Date Bias Sector Risk Rating Alert At Action Target Time Frame Last G/L $ G/L % Date Closed
HANS 10/27/2006 Long Closed Profit Alert $33.22 Profit Alert Closed Closed $38.30 $5.08 15.29% 1/10/2007
ZOLL 9/12/2006 Long Closed Profit Alert $35.73 Profit Alert Closed Closed $75.00 $39.27 109.91% 1/17/2007
SEIC 10/24/2006 Long Closed Profit Alert $58.06 Profit Alert Closed Closed $63.01 $4.95 8.53% 1/17/2007
WFR 12/4/2006 Long Closed Profit Alert $39.70 Profit Alert Closed Closed $45.76 $6.06 15.26% 1/22/2007
AUY 11/16/2006 Long Closed Profit Alert $11.40 Profit Alert Closed Closed $13.20 $1.80 15.79% 1/29/2007
BMC 12/4/2006 Long Closed Profit Alert $32.40 Profit Alert Closed Closed $34.20 $1.80 5.56% 1/29/2007

Now that you’ve seen some real evidence of how my charts have led to real life profits for my Trending123 subscribers, let me tell you that it doesn’t end there.  In fact I’m really, really excited to share some more good news with you.

“So You Think You
Can Trade?”

Janice Dorn, M.D., Ph.D.
Neuropsychological Trading Coach

Dr. Janice Dorn, a Neuropsychological Trading Coach, works with me at Trending123, focusing on trading, mentoring and commentary in the financial markets, with emphasis on Behavioral NeuroFinance, Mass Psychology and Trading Neuropsychology.  You can find her in our Trading Room and on our message boards, and each week she writes a Trading Wisdom column for my subscribers.

Just as you cannot wake up one day and, without any formal education or training, start practicing law or medicine, you cannot become a proficient trader overnight. Get over yourself, because it just isn’t going to happen.

Every trader must climb the four rungs of the Ladder of Learning, and must do this one step at a time.

What do I mean by the Ladder of Learning and the four steps necessary to achieve trading mastery?  In this case I am referring specifically to the four stages of trading competence: unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence and unconscious competence.

(1) Unconscious Incompetence: You don’t know that you don’t know, and you don’t know what you don’t know—aka “Ignorance is bliss.”

At this first stage of your trading, you are not aware of the existence of, or need for, specific trading skills.  You don’t know what you don’t know, including that you have any deficiencies (since you don’t know that there are any specific trading skills).  Denial may come into play here as well, as you may think that such skills are unnecessary or not useful, and all you have to do is to subscribe to a service or hotline, or jump on the next “hot” pick, and money will come rolling into your account.  In order to move to the second stage, you most overcome your denial and become consciously aware of your incompetence.  Without taking this next step, you will not progress, no new skill will be acquired, and there will be no learning.

(2) Conscious Incompetence: You know that you don’t know, but you are not entirely sure what you don’t know.

At this stage, you become aware that trading is a skill that exists, is practiced by many, and is relevant to your success.  You also become aware of your deficiencies in this area by attempting to trade or practicing how to trade.  This is the stage in which you begin to figure out how much you don’t know.  Successful traders will, at some point during this stage of the learning process, make a commitment to learn.  They will make a commitment to study, to be teachable and to practice, practice and practice until they know what they didn’t know before.  Once you have done the same, you will be ready to progress to the third stage.

(3) Conscious Competence: You know what you know, and you can trade, but you have to think about it.

During this stage, the skill of trading can be performed reliably, consistently and at will.  However, you have to concentrate a lot, and think a lot, in order to do it.  It is not second nature, nor is it automatic.  At this stage, you are totally open to more learning, but you are not able to teach anyone else how to do it.  The only way to proceed from this stage to the final stage is to practice more and more until…eureka…one day you have reached the fourth stage.

(4) Unconscious Competence: You know how to do it, and don’t have to think about it.  You just do it.

At this stage, the act and process of trading consolidates within the memory and pattern recognition areas of your brain—it becomes second nature.  If you are really good at it, you can trade and do other things at the same time.  (I do not recommend this, however.)  Certain people at this stage are capable of teaching others, but this is not universal.

In fact, it may be more difficult to teach at this stage since the skill has become largely instinctual.  It is at this stage when, if someone asks you how you knew to do that, you have to pause, think and say, “I don’t really know.  I just did it.” This is trading mastery.

Yet there is another, final and seldom discussed stage that goes beyond this.  That stage is called conscious-unconscious competence.  Those who have reached this stage are the best teachers, and they are rare and difficult to find.  Find one of these people to guide and support you if you really want to learn how to trade.

Just the other day I realized that I’ve only made three new longer term tock recommendations to my Trending123 subscribers so far this year.  I’ve been focused on shorter term trades, but I’ve decided it’s time to open the gates and let six more long-term plays into the rodeo!  That’s not a typo folks — I’ve just told my current subscribers about SIX new stocks that they should add to their portfolio as soon as they can.

Now I can’t tell you about all six, because well that just wouldn’t be fair to my current subscribers.  But I’m gonna be really nice and give you the details on three of these stocks — and if you think you want more…if you think that you want the rest of ‘em, well then please be my guest: Join me with a free trial to my Trending123 service and get the names of all SIX stocks!

Here are the details on three of the longer-term plays I’m telling my subscribers to buy right now:

Lyondell Chemical Company (LYO) — Swing Trade

Lyondell Chemical Company, through its subsidiaries, engages in the manufacture and marketing of various chemicals and gasoline-blending components.  Its products are used in the food, cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceuticals, clothing, construction, automotive, aircraft manufacturing, paints, rubber, fibers, engineering plastics, furniture, packaging, and transportation industries.  It operates primarily in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific region.  The company was incorporated in 1985 and is based in Houston, Texas.

New Frontier Media, Inc. (NOOF) — Investor Trade

New Frontier Media, Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary, Colorado Satellite Broadcasting, Inc., doing business as The Erotic Networks, distributes adult entertainment programming through electronic distribution platforms in North America.  The company, through Interactive Gallery, Inc., aggregates and resells adult content through its broadband site,; partners with third-party gate-keepers for the distribution of; wholesales prepackaged content to various Web masters; and provides content to wireless carriers.  The company also produces and distributes motion pictures, series, and events; acts as a sales agent for domestic third party films; and engages in contract production of motion picture for a third party distributor.  New Frontier was founded in 1988 and is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

Shaw Communications, Inc. (SJR) — Swing Trade

Shaw Communications, Inc. provides broadband cable television, Internet, digital phone, telecommunications, and satellite direct-to-home (DTH) services in Canada and the United States.  As of August 31, 2006, it had 1,306,991 Internet customers; 669,737 digital cable customers; 212,707 digital phone lines; and 869,000 DTH subscribers.  The company was founded in 1966.

Alright, now that you have some background on each company, let’s get to why’s, how’s and when’s…all the goods are just one click away!

3 is good but 6 is even better — get the names of all six of my new recommendations right now.  Or if you just want to peruse my site first, you can check it out here: Of course, the only way you get an all access pass is to subscribe—but luckily if you’re ready to give it a try, you start off with 14 days at NO COST.  Pretty sweet deal, eh?  Check it out here.


John Lansing

P.S. In an ever-changing market, it’s not easy to keep up or know what to do next.  That’s why my priority is you.  With timely analysis, multiple daily updates, stock charts, education if you need it and most of all, profits, you will always be “in the loop” on everything that matters.  Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a rank beginner or somewhere in-between, you’ll find plenty to like at Trending123.  Click here to find out more.

P.P.S. Stay tuned for my next edition of Trade Talk Weekly…coming soon to an email box near you!