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Take it or Leave it
May 22, 2007

Tools of a Successful Trader

When you’re not in the market, there’s nothing a trader can do, right?


At Trending123, there are all kinds of things you can do when you’re not trading.  The most important are probably 1) Research, 2) Learn, and 3) Wise up!  That’s why we give you the Trending123 Trading Tools.  Here’s what you get:

  • Stock Scanner Demo — Learn how to scan for chart patterns and trading setups automatically with the Recognia stock scanner
  • Front Runners — 144 momentum front runner stocks
  • Stock Sector Performance — 240 sectors sortable by performance criteria
  • Indices — 275 indices linked to their respective charts, plus an index chart lookup tool
  • ETFs — 168 ETFs linked to their respective charts, plus links to view all 286 ETFs or filtered subgroups (Broad-Based, Industry, International)
  • Trading Wisdom — Wise up with a dose of Trading Wisdom every Friday from neuropsychological trading coach Dr. Janice Dorn, MD, PhD

And that’s just a sampling of what we offer for freeTrending123 members get even more, with the full Recognia Stock Scanner, Message Boards, Trading Room—the list just doesn’t end.  So stop sitting around on the sidelines and visit to start using the tools of a successful trader.

If Ed McMahon came a knockin’ on your door to deliver a big ole check with your name on it for a million dollars, my guess is you’d take it.  Granted a million dollars isn’t what it used to be but I’m still betting you’d willingly oblige!

If only all decisions came that easily, right?

For us investors, the decision to sell is the most difficult.  Not a snap decision to be sure.  So how do you decide when to sell?

A) A few shakes of the magic 8 ball
B) Eeny Meeny Miny Mo
C) Rock, paper, scissors

Geez, I hope your answer is none of the above!

The only indicator that gives you the “all clear” is when you determine that the risk outweighs the reward.

Let me illustrate.

As many of you know, I issued a series of sell alerts from April 25 to April 27 for all of the stocks that were then in the Trending123 portfolio.  But the consensus in the markets was that there were more profits to be made.  So who was right?

Take a look at some of the stocks that we sold:

Ticker Sold on Return Since Sale Return if Held
GSS 4/27/07 37.15% -15.48% 21.67%
TGEN 4/26/07 29.13% -43.70% -14.57%
ALAN 4/26/07 27.05% -29.10% -2.05%
ONSM 4/26/07 11.20% -20.33% -9.13%
ID 4/25/07 14.91% 1.45% 16.36%
OMG 4/25/07 9.13% 5.95% 15.08%
ANDE 4/25/07 28.24% -16.79% 11.45%

As you can see, some of our gains would have been reduced, as with GSS.  But others would have been turned into losses, e.g., TGEN and ALAN—and everyone knows that’s not smart trading.

Of course, I’d be remiss not to point out the stocks that continued to rise, like ID and OMG.  But are the extra couple of points of return worth the risk?  I don’t think so.  In fact, the average decline if we kept all of them would be -6.68%.

The bottom line is that even though a handful of the Trending123 portfolio stocks went higher, the majority of stocks we closed out dropped as much as 60–70% from the day the sell alert was issued!

If you aren’t a Trending123 subscriber yet, then you missed my entire update including the full list of portfolio stocks that we closed out in late April.  You can watch the whole thing — just try my Trending123 service!

Ready to learn all the ins and outs of technical analysis?  I’ve got a lot to show you so please take a few minutes to learn exactly what you will get from becoming a Trending123 member.  Try it today.


John Lansing

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