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May Day, May Day
May 1, 2007


The way the alarm bells sounded after I sent my alert last Friday, April 27, you’d think it was the biggest calamity since hanging chads drove this country bonkers!

Okay, so if you aren’t aware of it, yes, I did sell all of the Trending123 portfolio stocks.  In all 34 stocks were sold — 26 of which took profits.  Take a look at the entire closed portfolio below:

Reverse Symmetrical Triangle

The Reverse Symmetrical Triangle (RST) may be the most difficult pattern you’ll ever trade.  The reason for that is that to most traders, it seems there’s no clear trend: prices makes both higher highs, which are usually bullish, and lower lows, which are usually bearish.  Because of this paradox, many traders get whipsawed by selling at the lows and buying at the highs.

Fortunately, that’s not what happens at Trending123.  Right now the charts are telling me that the market is headed for a correction.  And one glaring predictor of this upcoming decline is how many charts we are currently seeing this RST pattern in: 134!  What does this pattern look like?  Just like this:

Instead of panicking at the apparent senselessness of the pattern, I issued buy alerts at the low (D).  Since then, subscribers who followed my advice made money while the rest of the market was hiding out in the “nut hut” saying I must be crazy.  And just last week, I issued sell alerts at the high (E).  Again, they said I was crazy.  But let me ask you this: Why take the chance?

If this seems out of character to you, then you aren’t well-acquainted with me yet.  I’m a man of my word.  And I promised my Trending123 subscribers 2 months ago that we were going to back test to new highs and when that happened, I would get everyone out.

Well it happened and I kept my promise.

You see, at the lows in early March I said we would rally up to make new highs as we back test the broken uptrend line.  At that time, I specifically stated that when we hit it I would issue across-the-board sell alerts.  Well guess what?  I did.

As of right now, has no open long positions.  And we won’t until we see how this pattern plays out.  (See the sidebar to learn more about the RST pattern.)

The Fallout

Now let me tell you, I have been called every name in the book for doing this.  I have been questioned by everyone and their cousin for causing mass panic in our subscriber base.  I have even been blamed for the downfall of certain stocks on the Yahoo message board!

Well folks, I’m not going to apologize. This is a Technical Analysis website.  My job is to call things the way I see it.

I have even received phone calls questioning my judgment and was asked if it wasn’t “prudent” to keep a few stocks in the suggested portfolio because after all “being in cash” doesn’t sell subscriptions.

To that I say…NO WAY!  I will not keep people in a market—in stocks that I suggested—when I see charts like the ones I am seeing right now.

The only chance you should take — a money-back guaranteed subscription to Trending123.

The patterns and price action that we are seeing in the current market have all happened before.

  • The year 1929 in the Dow Jones Industrials.
  • The year 1987 in the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrials
  • The year 1998 in the Dow Jones Industrials
  • And now once again, in both the Dow Jones Industrials and SP500.

I will not ignore what the charts are telling me.  I will not throw caution to the wind and keep people in stocks when I think a major correction is on the way.

My job as a technician is to call things the way I see it.  I am not your financial advisor.  But one thing I know do know very well is charts.

So if you want someone to call things the way they see it then you likely found the right place.

And the way I see things right now — well, you need to be cautious moving ahead in the market.  You could chance it.

Or you could make the safe bet. You could try out Trending123.  You could catch up on all things Technical Analysis.  You could go onto our message boards and talk to any of my current subscribers and see what kind of profits they have made from Trending123.

You could be there when I send out my first alert filled with the newest buys.

I dare you to give Trending123 a try right now.  If I’m wrong—which I highly doubt—then you can rest assured knowing you have 90 days where you will be fully protected by our money-back guarantee.  But if I’m right—and I’d be STUNNED if I weren’t—then you too will see how the charts are the only true predictors of market behavior.

So click here — and be sure you are there when the next profit plays are made!


John Lansing

P.S. I can guarantee you that when I called the previous bottom, my subscribers made a boatload of money riding our stocks all the way up to where we are now in stocks like CEGE (gained 96% in a 5-day period) and GROW (went up 60% and 70% in a single month.)  You don’t want to miss out on the next round of profits — click here for a special offer to try Trending123 today.

P.P.S. Who wouldn’t want the chance to try an experienced trading service — one that can show you how to earn sudden profits — 10%—30% gains (and sometimes higher), often in a matter of weeks, or even days?  Especially when you can get in before the newest stocks—set to profit from a potential correction—are chosen?

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