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Ready, Set, BUY!
July 3, 2007

And…we’re off and running folks!  If you’ve been hiding in a cave, convinced that I was never again going to recommend another stock – it is now safe to come on out!

Not only do I want you to buy one stock now (read on for specific details) but I also have 4 stocks on deck that I am super-excited about and will likely be ones I recommend buying this week!

ZOLL Medical Corporation (ZOLL)

The company engages in designing, manufacturing, and marketing noninvasive resuscitation devices and related software solutions in the United States and internationally.  It was incorporated in 1980 and is headquartered in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

But none of the above matters!

Going Against the Flow

Here’s some food for thought: If a rising tide lifts all boats, what does it do to a submarine?

Contrary to what some believe, trading isn’t always as simple as chasing the market trend.  Some stocks just refuse to follow the crowd, go with the flow, or do as they’re told by the pundits.  Those are what we call “counter-trend” stocks.  So instead of rising when the market swells and falling when the market subsides, they trade independently and set their own trends.

Like a counter-trend stock, Trending123 can go against the flow—for instance, at the end of April, when we sold all our positions while everyone else was saying, “Buy!”  As a result, we locked in gains of up to 40% and avoided corrections of up to 44% in those positions.  No, we don’t wake up every day and pray the market goes to hell in a handbasket—we like stocks.  But the object of the game is to buy low and sell high—or avoid corrections and wait for the best stocks to come to us.

That’s why we’re now back in one of our best counter-trend stocks, ZOLL.  We sold it for 109% gains when it got too frothy, and it corrected for six months while the market went up.  But as soon as we saw the water was warm again, we hopped back in.  And we’ve got our sights on four more counter-trend trades.

Meanwhile, what’s the market doing? Well, the S&P 500 and Dow topped in May.  It’s now July.  Which way do you think the tide is going to go from here?  Sign up for Trending123 and find out how to make money no matter which answer floats your boat.

What really matters is that I have been keeping an eye on this stock for over four weeks – and now is the time to buy.

Why, you ask?

ZOLL bottomed back in November of last year. That’s when my Trending123 subscribers and I bought it and held onto it until January when it topped.  And our gains?  Over 100% (109.91%, if you want to be exact)!

I can’t transport you back in time to make those gains.  But I can tell you that ZOLL is now ripe for the pickin’!  It has corrected to levels not seen since last November.  It is trading counter-trend the market.  And that means that even as the market rallied, ZOLL has been declining – stuck in a corrective channel – in a symmetrical rectangle with equal highs and equal lows.

Now how about the ever-important question: What is my risk versus my reward?  Well, I’ll tell you these are terrific odds for ZOLL.

Right now I am telling my Trending123 subscribers to buy ZOLL on the open (not the pre-market).  The price is currently at $21.85 and our target is $45.00.  And we’re looking at a timeframe of 4–5 months.

There is the potential that this stock will drop 25% on the downside – BUT it also has the potential to rise over 100% on the upside!

I can never make locked-in promises but I can remind you that when the odds are in your favor, as they clearly are with ZOLL, your risk is worth it for the reward you are more likely to receive.

And with ZOLL, even though the market continues to be susceptible to a downturn, the stock looks like it could go up whether the market goes up or it goes down.


Stocks “On Deck”

I don’t mean to be a tease…okay, maybe I do!

There are four stocks that I have notified my Trending123 subscribers to keep “on deck” in their portfolios.  I am excited about each of them because they are strong stocks, strong companies and are in strong trending patterns.  And as you should know by now, these are precisely the types of stocks I like to buy and like to recommend others to buy.

All of them are in strong sectors (i.e., not in banking, utilities or homebuilding).  They are all swing trades that could take as little as a few weeks or at most a few months to reach their targets.  But perhaps most importantly, they are all what I like to call, “counter-trend” stocks.

Now what does that mean exactly?  It means that they trade opposite the market (the S&P 500, the DOW and the QQQs).  It means that though the market may still be rallying, these stocks are correcting – and once it hits a level I am comfortable with, we’re going to charge – and we’re going seek out some crave-worthy gains!

So what are these elusive four?  ICE, JADE, VMC and CMI.

Now you know the stocks.  What patterns are they in and why am I recommending them? And most importantly what kind of gains am I expecting once we buy?  Find out the answer to it all AND be the first to receive the buy alerts when the time comes.

Do you see now how waiting on the sidelines isn’t unwise?  Quite the opposite in fact.  It’s called discipline and those who have it will be better off in the long run.

I want you to learn the ropes of trending.  I want you to succeed as a trader.  I want you to become a more informed, educated trader.  I want to help build your investing confidence.

Quite simply: your success is my success.


John Lansing

P.S. Your successful journey can start here today – and at $50 off the original price, your risk is low but your potential for reward, great.  Just think of some past gains that Trending123subscribers have enjoyed in the past: Superior Well Services – up 18.10% in just 1 week, Suncor Energy – up 20.51% in 1 month and Air T, Inc – up 39.33% in 30 days.  Don’t miss out on your chance for sudden profits – join us today!

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