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A Dream Come True
July 17, 2007

Young children dream of getting ponies, bikes and video games.  Teenagers dream about that shiny red convertible with a bow around it waiting for them in the driveway upon their 16th birthday.

What about us?  What do we dream of?

Dollar signs.  Yes, we certainly crave the green.  And who can blame us?  The greenback can buy most of our other dreams after all!

Well let me tell you, if green is what you’re after, the time is now.  The market is in tip-top form and is giving us incredible opportunities for profits.  It is not time to sit outside the ring.  We’ve been there.  We stored up our knowledge and grew from that experience.  Now we’re onto the next phase.  It’s time to stand up and become an active participant.

We have one thing to thank for this rockin’ good time.  In the long-term as well as in the short-term, volatility is our ticket to great stock plays.  Last week I sent out eleven alerts to my Trending123 subscribers.  Bang, bang, bang.  I just kept popping them out.

Now there are risks to these plays.  And there are also rules that must be followed.  But if you’re willing to take the risk and you’re willing to follow the rules, you could make a whole lot of money in these plays!  (Find out the names of all eleven plays here.)

Two of the most recent plays that I recommended to my subscribers are what I call IPO spec plays.  Both of them just completely rocked in yesterday’s market and I see them continuing to do that in the months ahead.

Two IPOs You Oughtta Know

 SOLF — Solarfun Power Holdings Co., Ltd

Through its subsidiary, Jiangsu Linyang Solarfun Co., Ltd., engages in the development, manufacture, and sale of photovoltaic (PV) cells and PV modules primarily in the People’s Republic of China.

  • This play has a Triple Moving Average Crossover and is currently in a very large, sloppy expanding triangle that can go completely parabolic anytime.
  • I have outlined the different target prices for what I expect in different time frames.
  • Buy under $14.  Best under $11.

 FCSX — FCStone Group, Inc

FCStone Group, Inc is an integrated commodity risk management company providing risk management consulting and transaction execution services to commercial commodity intermediaries, end-users, and producers in the United States and internationally in Canada, Asia, and Latin America.

  • This play is in an ascending continuation triangle
  • I have outlined different target prices for what I expect in specific time frames.
  • Buy under $64.  Best under $55.

Triple Moving Average Crossover

A triple moving average crossover isn’t as complicated as it sounds.  Let’s break it down.

First, a moving average is the average of a stock’s prices over a certain period of time—say, 30 days.  It’s called a “moving” average because it’s always based on the most recent 30 days, so it changes every day.

A moving average crossover is when a shorter-term moving average crosses—rises above or below—a longer-term moving average.  A triple moving average crossover is when three moving averages are used, and the shortest crosses the medium one, and the medium one crosses the longest one.

So take SOLF, for instance.  Its 13-day moving average of 11.59 rose above—i.e., crossed—both its 34-day moving average of 11.16 and its 50-day moving average of 11.40.  That’s a perfect example of a triple moving average crossover.  Get the idea?  Think you can trade it?  Click here to learn more now.

All of the stocks that I am currently recommending to my Trending123 subscribers are counter-trend stocks.  That is, they trade independent of the market.  If the market goes up, these stocks go down and vice versa.

These types of stocks are very difficult to find.  It takes hours upon hours of work to find them — but I have managed to find eleven stocks in the past few weeks that are gems.

I didn’t do all of that work and lose all of that sleep just for me.  I did it for my loyal Trending123 subscribers.  Now you can reap the benefits too — just click here to begin your Trending123 journey today.  Your first stop should be the Portfolio so you can load up on the stocks that very few people know about…


John Lansing

P.S Trending123 subscribers have had great successes over the years with stocks like: Berry Petroleum, up 27.20% in 6 weeks, Central European Distribution, up 49.49% in 3 months and Phazer Corp, up 79.41% in just over 1 month!  Don’t miss out on your chance for sudden profits — join us now!

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